Bus blocked by snowfall in half of Tuscany

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The vehicles were trapped by the white blanket but also by the cars stopped by the weather conditions. The situation line by line

TUSCANY — Bus blocked by snowfall in half of Tuscany, where the snow cover hampered the service also made difficult by the presence of cars on the roadway which were in turn stopped by the weather and road surface conditions. Autolinee Toscane gives the news, and here is the situation line by line and area by area.

On the Pistoia mountainsthe Line 56 Por that gives Pistoia goes towards Porretta Terme encountered many difficulties, so much so that the 08.50 and 10.30 journeys were unable to pass through San Momme due to the heavy snow which hampered traffic.

Also on the Pistoia mountains, during the morning the AT buses encountered obstacles in the direction Abetonecreated by private cars which – stationary along the route – made it difficult and sometimes impossible to get on to local public transport.

Another side where At signals difficulty is la Florentine mountain in the’Upper Mugello. This morning due to a sudden heavy snowfall from Montorsoli to Pratolino, At has decided to park one of its cars in Pratolino to avoid taking risks. The vehicle was parked at the Pratolino terminus, consequently the service (section Libertà – Pian di San Bartolo) was carried out with a new 10-metre boat up to San Bartolo.

From there, to cover the section Pian di San Bartolo – Zocchi, a specific shuttle bus service was set up with a snow-tyred Sprinter bus. Subsequently At alerted the municipal police command of Money order which immediately proceeded to send the municipal vehicles to clean the area in the town of Pratolino, so that from 10.15 At was able to restore the regular route.

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Already the other night, the manager of the regional public road transport reports, due to snow and ice there had been inconveniences to reach the villages of Suvereto, reed bed, Monteverdi
And Monterotondo in the province of LeghornOf roggio And Go upstairs in the province of LuccaOf Cerreto Lakes, Montelungo – Pass of the Cisa And Zeros in the province of Massa Carrara.

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