LIVE LBA – Givova Scafati has seven lives, but Bertram won’t let go of the bone

LIVE LBA – Givova Scafati has seven lives, but Bertram won’t let go of the bone
LIVE LBA – Givova Scafati has seven lives, but Bertram won’t let go of the bone
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The first return of the Serie A championship sees Givova Scafati climb to Casale Monferrato, home of Bertram Derthona. Two ball at 19.00, with live Eleven Sports. Referees: Manuel Mazzoni, Mark Bartoli, Gianluca Capotorto. In the first leg, the two teams met at PalaMangano, with the result of 72-91, on December 11, 2022. The only notable absence is in the ranks of the Campania team: David Logan.

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1st quarter – Harper and Chrison make it 4-0, Cain doesn’t increase the score with the 0/2 in the line in the first 2′. Here is the triple by Okoye and two free throws by Daum, followed by the basket by Imbrò. Immediately an instant replay for a disputed possession. Harper’s bomb, then the pace slows down. With 5’15” Thompson from below for 9-7. Cain joins the scoreboard, like Rossato with 3’30” 11-9. Rebound from Mian and draw from Stone. Severini’s triple breaks the balance with 2’42”, Radosevic earns two 1/2 free throws. Butjankovs shortens, Christon puts back the +4. Candi’s poisonous counterattack, triple and Caja timeout with 1’04”. A bit of pressing from the two teams, 1/2 in the line for Filloy and 21-13 in the 10th minute.

2nd quarter – Steal by Stone and counterattack by Okoye in the opening. Tirpla by Filloy with 8’35”. Filloy himself and Tavernelli in the line feed the gap, also thanks to Julyan Stone’s anti-sportsman who reaches +13 28-15. Rossato takes the block from Cain, Derthona restarts and Tavernelli’s triple he finally wants Attilio Caja’s timeout with 5’26”. Thompson moves the away scoreboard, but Filloy hammers with a triple, doubling Scafati 34-17. Imbrò earns three free throws, scoring them all with 4’32”. Airballs by Daum, free throws for Cain with 3’28” 1/2. Scafati in attack suffers from the absence of Logan, Stone with a triple wants to make him forget 35-22. Assist by Imbrò for Thompson, Ramondino calls timeout with 2’30”. Macura enters the scoresheet with a dunk 37-24, then Okoye’s triple opens a partial from Campania with Pinkins’ free throws and Stone’s triple and Scafati returns to -5. Christon makes two free throws, one lost by Tortona and a Pinkins who closes with 6″, worth a timeout for Ramondino. There’s nothing to record, it’s 39-34 in the 20th minute.

3rd quarter – Triple by Imbrò, Macura and Okoye in sequence 42-40 on 22′. Christon extends for Derthona, Okoye comes off the field with a nosebleed after a contact with 7’59”. Macura hits a second triple. Cain again in the line 1/2. After a loss by Stone, Christon hits another triple from home his and Caja calls timeout 51-40 with 6’11”. Triple for Stone and Macura. Harper launches the alley-oop for Daum +13 Derthona with 4’09”. Radosevic moves the score after more than 1′. Rossato passes the match with four points in a row. Candi in line 2/2 raises Bertram, but Rossato again puts the bomb of -10. Radosevic to the basket with 1’17” from two and Tavernelli from three in the following round +15. Free for Stone 1/2, to conclude on 30′ on 65-51.


4th quarter – Triple by Rossato after 15″. Filloy goes with 2/3 in the line then six points in a row by Okoye with 6’36” exploiting a sudden drought by the Piedmontese 69-62. Filloy removes the dust from the home score, with 4’50” comes the fifth foul by Rossato 71-62. Filloy gets us two free throws; but Mian, Stone and Imbrò relaunch a never tamed Scafati 73-69 with 3’03”. Harper and Mian keep the four points of difference, and we go towards the very hot last 2′. Only with 1’10” does Christon reach the free throw line and makes 2/2. Okoye looks for a foul on the counterattack, Stone misses the last opportunity to close, and Daum on the other side of the field seals the definitive victory. Stone the triple remains on the siren of 79-74.

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Bertram Derthona – Givova Scafati 79-74. box score:

The comment: in gusts Bertram is easy to maneuver and to find interesting baskets. But she suffers from ups and downs especially when she goes over the top looking for quick hits. Scafati is mangy, she has so many lives she goes under and re-emerges but not enough to really play for victory. Logan is a luxury that cannot be given to opponents, and Caja’s blanket, after Rossato’s exit for fouls, is short.

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