La Maddalena: the first guidelines for the use of the waters and beaches of the Archipelago have been approved by the National Park

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In the waters under the jurisdiction of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, “starting from next season, all authorized vessels will have to observe an itinerary that includes only two stops on the smaller islands (Spargi, Budelli, Caprera or Santa Maria) and a extended on Isola Madre. This measure will certainly be useful to reduce the anthropic load that has been weighing on the most fragile beaches for years but not only ».

The members of the board of directors, Valentina Cherchi, Michele Esposito, Gianluca Mureddu and Giovanna Scotto gave the information via a press release. The board, which met yesterday, write the 4 councilors, wanted to provide the director Giulio Plastina «the first guidelines for a sustainable use of the waters and beaches of the Archipelago, in the complicated framework of a nautical traffic – professional and recreational – always more chaotic”.

This provision could bring a tourist flow to the historic center of La Maddalena which would “exceed 4,000 units per day, thus doubling the numbers of the past seasons. An increase capable of giving further lifeblood to the refreshment activities, to the artisan ones, and to all the commercial enterprises that gravitate around the urban center».

Another provision, the press release also refers, aimed at “protecting local economies” will be that “of reserving special stretches of water for rental, leasing and traffic activities which will be able, according to shifts and sites to be identified, to exercise their respective businesses almost exclusively and without interference. Furthermore, with resources already budgeted for 2023, the positioning of mooring infrastructures in the localities of Cala Liò, Cala Corsara and Cala Granara is also foreseen, also destined for economic activities authorized by the Park.


In the summer period, when there is a greater tourist presence, councilor Valentina Cherchi finally declares “it will be important to adopt measures that prevent visitors from using bags, towels and umbrellas in the most fragile sites”.

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