Sirente Velino Park, Unpredictable trip to Abruzzo with the Civil Service

Sirente Velino Park, Unpredictable trip to Abruzzo with the Civil Service
Sirente Velino Park, Unpredictable trip to Abruzzo with the Civil Service
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“Unpredictable trip to Abruzzo”, living an adventure in close contact with nature in the Sirente Velino Regional Park thanks to the experience in the Civil Service: the announcement has been published. The opportunity to experience and discover the Park much more than as simple tourists.

The Civil service offers the opportunity to live a whole year in the territory of Sirente Velino Regional Park through the program “The unpredictable trip to Abruzzo”: the opportunity to spend 12 months in close contact with the nature uncontaminated, living and managing the structures of the Park, placing itself at the service of the protected environment and the community that inhabits it. Specifically, the Sirente Velino Regional Park will take part in the “A slow pace” project, which includes environmental education activities, hospitality and tourist information, management of visitor centers and the wildlife area. Published on the site of CSV Abruzzothe tender for the selection of volunteer operators to be employed in projects relating to the intervention programs of the Universal Civil Service.
The Sirente Velino Park, then, proposes itself as ideal proposal for those who attend study courses related to sectors such as: environment, fauna, biology and open, of course, to young people from Abruzzo and to all enthusiasts from outside the region.
The start date of the project is between May and September 2023: the activities to be carried out as a Civil Service foresee a commitment of 25 hours per week, with an annual total of 1145 hours and a monthly reimbursement of 444.30 euros.

“A slow pace” in the Sirente Velino Regional Park. Among goals main features of the Civil Service project to promote soft mobility routes, to enhance the landscape and the varied artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the territories involved. Excursion activities are planned for the discovery and knowledge of the landscape, promoting the diffusion of sustainable tourism thanks to monitoring, maintenance and recovery interventions of existing routes and their networking.
Dynamic and interesting activities, partly carried out in the field and partly in the educational and information structures of the Park Authority, which will be proposed as constructive experiences and, at the same time, training moments for young people about to enter the world of work, or courses of consolidation and contact for those who have already gained experience in the sector.
During the course of the activities, the operational and organizational support provided by the Park Authority structure will be constant.

The requests to participate in the call can be submitted by 2.00 pm on 10 February 2023, via the specific DOL platform which can be accessed with the SPID.
The announcement was published on the CSV Abruzzo website, with the relative summary sheets of the various projects envisaged. This is the website for all the programmatic information and useful information for applying:
Between requirements expected to participate: age, between 12 and 28 years, Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the EU Member States or of a non-EU country, provided that the candidate is legally residing in Italy. The calendar for calling the selection interview will be published on the CSV Abruzzo website at least 10 days before its start; the selection interviews will take place in the presence of the Abruzzo region. Young people are asked to carefully read the announcement and the summary sheets of the projects, as well as the criteria for the selection of volunteer operators.

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