“Healthcare, work, transport”. The attacking trident of the Cav for Lombardy

“Healthcare, work, transport”. The attacking trident of the Cav for Lombardy
“Healthcare, work, transport”. The attacking trident of the Cav for Lombardy
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Silvio Berlusconiinterviewed for the Mediaset news by Studio Aperto, launched the centre-right’s ride in next month’s regional elections, with particular attention to the vote in Lombardy, where the coalition supports Attilio Fontana. The Knight explained the Forza Italia program for Lombardy as follows: “We can imagine it as an attack trident. We will guarantee more health care, more work, more mobility for Lombard citizens“. The three points are the pillars that will guide the action of the center-right at the Pirellone in case of victory with the reconfirmed leadership of Attilio Fontana.

The importance of Forza Italia in the coalition

In the center-right coalition, Forza Italia is one of the most important parties, also and above all for its founding values. For 29 years, as the president of the Azzurri recalled, Forza Italia has never changed its name and “his schedule has always been coherent with its history, it has never lowered its flags, it has always been on the side of the citizens“. And it is precisely to the citizens that he addresses, remembering how “voting is a duty, it’s a right, it’s a privilege, it’s having a “voice”, it’s choosing who you want to be represented by, it’s the peaceful weapon to change things. Not voting means depriving yourself of all these forms of freedom, including the freedom to complain when things go wrong“.

The program for Lombardy

The sanitary system Lombard is the most efficient in the country. But we need to improve it and fill some gaps“, added the Knight. The road to succeed, explained Silvio Berlusconi, is built “enhancing and making emergency rooms more efficient, reducing waiting lists for specialist visits and operations to a minimum“. But we must also look at the professional side of the issue, highlighted Silvio Berlusconi, i.e. “guarantee the work of nurses with economic incentives, as is already the case for doctors“.

For the work, however, the Knight has highlighted the need to review the employment system and make it more effective. “Forza Italia is betting a lot on increasing employment in Lombardy. There are people who can’t find work and businesses that can’t find workers. We need to create contact and thus encourage recruitment, allowing companies in the region to be able to count on certain professional figures“, explained the former premier and Forza Italia intends to achieve this result “increase the sources for the ‘train to hire’ project: the company hires an employee and the Region pays for his training“.

And in an economic and social context like the one that is emerging, the sustainable mobility plays a decisive role: “For Forza Italia it is absolutely necessary to invest in the technology of the future: hydrogen. Since its production costs are high but the response in terms of effectiveness and ecology is remarkable, we must allocate more and more funds for research, in order to develop technologies that guarantee its low-cost production“.

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