The choice of the Formula One champion is absurd: here’s what car he drove around!

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Being champions in the most famous and important sport in the motor world means usually have access to the most powerful and expensive cars in the world. However, he chose this decidedly very humble medium.

It is said that a Formula One driver or even better a world champion recognized who holds a very unique record decides to go around in a supercar outside the paddock: to him liked to slow down after the races and not surprisingly, the means he had chosen for his travels – especially those of a certain type – is one of the most peaceful you can imagine.

The champion’s decision… (

An unthinkable record

In the world there are about twenty men who have managed to take themselves home at least one World Title of Formula One, an award that any sports car driver regardless of his specialty recognizes as the most important trophy that an athlete competing in the motor field can take home. Among these people, there is one who has truly accomplished the impossible even if he has won “only” one title, in 2009 with a practically newborn team.

We are talking about the British champion Jenson Button, a driver perhaps too underestimated when it comes to past champions – Button actually retired in 2017 after racing over 300 Grands Prix with various teams from all over the world. For one team in particular, however, the driver will go down in history even after his dissolution, a team that had a short life but managed to bring home a title in time.

Button celebrates his victory (

On the first hit

In the world, excluding the very first tournament in history, there is only one team capable not only of winning the title during its first participation in the official world championship…but also of winning it in all the seasons in which it has taken part and it is the surprising Brawn team in which 2009, Jenson delivered a title that Honda, the racing team from whose ashes the brawnshe had never been able to hit.

Despite some controversy over a too wide rear diffuser – later rejected by the FIA ​​in any case – Button managed to line up all the rival teams behind him, delivering to the stable the title which is also his first and only. From the following year, Brawn disappeared from the racing world, bought by Mercedes which with the white single-seaters with the yellowish livery would have created the basis for its subsequent domination.

The peculiar decision

So what kind of car should a champion ride on who delivered his only triumph in history to a similar team? On a period Honda NSX supercar perhaps? Not really: One particular vehicle from Jenson Button’s collection, which is currently being auctioned, surprised those present a lot since it doesn’t seem like it the car that a world champion driver uses in his spare time.

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The vehicle in question is a Volkswagen Type 2, the classic van of the German company widely used by hippies in the sixties but simply by anyone who transported goods and people depending on the layout in Europe in the sixties and seventies. The vehicle in Splitscreen configuration was used by Button to transport bicycles to do triathlons, another great passion of his.

The vehicle has a lowered set-up but the performance is almost identical to the original model: however, the aesthetics are quite different with the official livery of the champion driver Button’s team applied to the entire rear of the vehicle. How much could such a vehicle cost? At the moment, it’s going away for the equivalent of 15,200 Euros which isn’t a lot considering its illustrious, last owner. He won’t win a speed contest but is very cute!

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