5 hour crossing, 8m high waves

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A real nightmare for the passengers of the Laziomar ferry traveling from the island of Ponza to Formia: the storm hit the island just as the captain was waiting for more suitable weather conditions for the crossing, which generally takes an hour. Once the moorings were broken, however, the ferry was forced to put out to sea.

Ponza-Formia ferry at the mercy of the storm: panic among the passengers

The episode took place on the afternoon of Friday 20 January.

As ‘Corriere della Sera’ reconstructs, the commander of the Laziomar ferry that connects the island of Ponza to Formia was waiting for the weather conditions to improve before setting sail. At a certain point, however, the moorings gave way and the captain was forced to put out into the deep.

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Panic among the passengers of the Laziomar ferry traveling from Ponza to Formia: having set sail from the island, the ship was hit by the storm

At that moment a real nightmare began for the passengers: the waves reached them 8 meters high with the water reaching up to touch the armchairs and tables. On board the ferry, travelers experienced real moments of panic.

The images have made the rounds of social networks: among the most shared videos, it is possible to see passengers making the sign of the cross while the ferry sways dizzyingly.

In fact, due to adverse weather conditions, the average journey time of about an hour in optimal weather conditions extended to about five hours of crossing.

Fear even for visitors on land

The images shot by visitors on the ground are also circulating on social networks. From the mainland of the island of Ponza, in fact, a lady comments: “These are all crazy”, while the idea is unanimous that that ferry shouldn’t have set sail.

“He has to go back,” comments another woman. For the approximately 120 passengers on board the Laziomar ferry it was five endless hours at the complete mercy of the storm, with the ship often hit by very high waves.

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Fortunately, fear was the only consequence of the terrible crossing: passengers and crew, including the captain, did not register wounded.

The nightmare in Palermo in the previous days

The episode on the Ponza-Formia stretch occurred a few days after the accident on the Palermo-Naples ferry.

The ship La Superba had not yet set sail from the Sicilian port when suddenly a fire inside the garage compartments. According to the reconstruction, it was the engine of a truck that caught fire.

In an instant the interior of the ferry filled with black smoke which forced the evacuation. Fortunately there was no consequence, but according to the words of the mayor of Palermo Robert Lagalla the episode would turn into tragedy if the fire had broken out during navigation.

storm ferry

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