Integrated urban safety and livability pact signed in Bologna – Emilia-Romagna

Integrated urban safety and livability pact signed in Bologna – Emilia-Romagna
Integrated urban safety and livability pact signed in Bologna – Emilia-Romagna
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In the presence of the Minister of the Interior and the Chief of Police

The new ‘Pact for integrated urban security and livability’ was signed in Bologna by the prefect, Attilio Visconti and the mayor, Matteo Lepore. The signing of the protocol, which will last for two years, came to the end of the provincial committee for public order and safety which was attended, among others, by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi and the Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini .
The new protocol builds on documents drawn up in past years such as the ‘Pact for Safe Bologna’ – signed in October 2015 and considered a useful reference framework for the adoption of specific agreements and protocols – and renews the attention of the institutions in the light of the experiences gained, of the innovations that have occurred and with a consideration of the current context.
In particular, it is highlighted in the document, the Prefecture and the Municipality “will articulate their collaboration to implement synergistic actions and specific projects in the field of integrated urban security on areas of intervention considered priorities for the security, livability and social cohesion of the community, also by signing specific protocols on sector issues”.
The agreement also aims to “improve and integrate the inter-institutional information circuit by promoting the maximum sharing of data, analyzes and knowledge relating to the security of the territory and of the community concerned for an effective exchange of information; to activate listening and comparison paths with the different expressions of the social, associative, productive and world of work fabric, as well as the representations of immigrant communities in order to define the specific needs of the different social and economic categories in a shared and participatory way”.
Lastly, a Control Room was set up at the Prefecture, in order to articulate the collaboration of the Pact, monitoring its implementation. (HANDLE).


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