Bad weather: snow in Chieti, no lessons, we travel on roads – Abruzzo

Bad weather: snow in Chieti, no lessons, we travel on roads – Abruzzo
Bad weather: snow in Chieti, no lessons, we travel on roads – Abruzzo
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(ANSA) – CHIETI, JAN 21 – No lessons today in Chieti with the city waking up under a light blanket of snow which made the children happy especially in the area of ​​the Villa Comunale. The main roads of the capital are easily passable thanks to the timely intervention of the snowploughs and salt spreaders of the Formula Ambiente company active since yesterday evening as part of the Municipality’s Snow Plan.

The urban public transport lines managed by the “La Panoramica” company are all active, line 9 which crosses the Filippone district has been restored.

The Municipality of Pretoro has announced the Prefectural Ordinance ordering the temporary suspension of road traffic on the SS 614 from kilometer 0 “del wolf” roundabout up to Passolanciano from 00.00 to 24.00 on 21 January 2023, barring any extensions necessary. Transit is allowed for emergency vehicles, residents, owners and employees of the facilities, commercial operators, hotel operators and their customers with reservations, equipped with suitable equipment for safe transit on snow-covered roads.

As for the decision to suspend the teaching activity of all schools of all levels, and kindergartens, both public and private, operating in the city area, it was taken by the mayor of the Theatine capital, Diego Ferrara, late yesterday evening “due to the persistence of the disturbance and the snowfall that has already affected the city since Friday evening and the rigid temperatures forecast for the next few hours by the latest bulletins, with consequent ice on the ground, which also represents a risk for pedestrian safety ” – reads the Facebook page of the Municipality.

A provision “to safeguard public and private safety” which was accompanied by the ban on the circulation throughout the municipal area of ​​vehicles without thermal tires or chains on board. Throughout the province, since last night, there have been numerous interventions by the Fire Brigade for flooding, fallen trees and to help motorists in difficulty. (HANDLE).


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