Lazio, Romagnoli stings Milan: “I would have preferred more clarity”

Lazio, Romagnoli stings Milan: “I would have preferred more clarity”
Lazio, Romagnoli stings Milan: “I would have preferred more clarity”
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To the microphones of Dazn, Alessio Romagnoli he went back to talking about his return to Lazio: “It’s nice for a person to play for one’s favorite team and be at home. But I think the strongest, most important choice is to find a serious project, a team strong and a strong coach, because I want to win with Lazio.It’s nice to be here, but I want to win with my favorite team, for me it’s the most important thing. I’ve always had the idea of ​​wanting to go back. I didn’t want to do it too late, but at an age where I still felt good, where I could give my best. I had other good offers on the market, but there has always been this will to return, the desire to wear this shirt. Even the people at home who told me ‘come back, come back’ did a lot”.

Romagnoli gets along very well with Sarri: “I’ve liked him since Naples, I was curious about how he worked, especially with the defensive line, the details he focused on. Compactness in the derby? We work every day, both as a department and as a team. We have concepts that we follow, which give us benefits. Then sometimes it happens, as it happened, that the game doesn’t go well but the idea with or without the ball has remained. There are other things, then, that must be put in place during the game. The nice thing, however, is that we have an identity and everyone recognizes it”.

Finally, Romagnoli removed a few pebbles from his shoe when speaking of Milan, Lazio’s next opponent in the league: “An Italian footballer must aim to win the Scudetto. Winning it with a club like Milan, as captain, is something out of the ordinary. It was nice, after years of disappointments, so many criticisms, so many dark moments, going to San Siro to make 75k every time and feeling at home every time we went out was crazy. Criticisms? I don’t give a damn (laughs They can be annoying, more or less. They didn’t know how I was sometimes when I went on the pitch, I was sick from November onwards with groin pain. How did we say goodbye? We had discussed the contract situation with Milan, they told me they had also made an offer.Then our paths separated, they preferred to make other choices, I made mine. Maybe it would have been better to be clearer, so as not to bring the negotiation to the end. But I can only have wonderful memories of Milan, 7 fantastic years.”

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