On stage for the Sicily Jazz Festival Winter 2023 “The suite of temples”

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LA SUITE DEI TEMPLI will be staged with a FIRST PERFORMANCE for the Sicilia Jazz Festival Winter 2023 on January 24 at 9.30 pm at the Real Teatro Santa Cecilia. The “Suite dei Templi” is a new Symphonic and Jazz Opera composed, produced and published by the Arturo Toscanini State Conservatory of Music of Ribera-Agrigento. Institution which, within the National Higher Artistic Musical Education Department, has distinguished itself in recent years for its lively and prolific teaching, production, research and internationalization activities in collaboration with important institutional partners and under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of University and Research. The Suite is the result of a research, production and third mission project carried out in collaboration with the Empedocle University Consortium of Agrigento, under the patronage of the Department of Education and Professional Training of the Sicilian Region. A “musical” journey through the glorious history of the coast of the Myth to discover priceless heritages such as the magnificent Temples of the Sicilian Archaeological Parks, transposed into Music by the teachers and students of the Conservatory, who, as composers and performers, are the protagonists of a truly unique Opera of its kind. Published by Wicky Edition of Milan and born with the intention of highlighting the prestigious artistic and cultural heritage of Sicily and young talents, the Suite boasts a world premiere, included in the National and European schedule of the 2021 Music Festival and realized, with the patronage of the European Commission and the Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian identity, at some of the most important archaeological sites in the world: the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (UNESCO heritage), the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, Cave di Cusa and Pantelleria (the largest park in Europe) and, in 2022, at the Ancient Theater of Taormina on the bill for the TAOARTE International Festival; executions that received great attention from the regional and national press and media. The Soloists and the Symphony and Jazz Orchestra of the Arturo Toscanini Conservatory will take the spectators on a journey through time with a mixture of classical and new languages, with a “multitasking” instrumental ensemble led by the Conductor, composer and arranger M° Alberto Maniacs. A new symphonic concept for an Orchestral Formation of modern conception, which involves all the Departments of the Conservatory, Classical, Jazz and Pop rock under the Artistic Direction of Prof. Mariangela Longo, the Production Management of Prof. Simone Piraino and the supervision of the Director of the Conservatory Prof. Riccardo Ferrara. The Suite will be introduced by the performance “Gong and Electronic Music” created by Maestro Sergio Calì in 2021 to kick off the Italian Music Festival from Selinunte and in the world together with 26 other cities (from New York to Sydney through Europe, The UK); the Gong will thus start the first event of the Toscanini Orchestra from the State Conservatory and the journey that with the SUITE the young musicians will make us take in the history of myths told in 7 Times for the 7 Temples of Selinunte and Agrigento to which it is dedicated .

“On the one hand the Temples, symbol of our glorious history; on the other, our future, young talents, the absolute protagonists of such a prestigious and innovative teaching and research project. They are our creative industry in which we need to invest for a real recovery, providing not only for their training but also for their entry into the productive world of work and entertainment. Art, Culture, Tourism, Historical, Architectural and Natural Heritage, University Institutions and Higher Artistic Musical Education are resources of inestimable value which, together, can help create an important cultural, social and economic development in our Earth. These are the images of Sicily that count and are worthwhile, that we want to export. We dedicate this new Opera to the 32 years of history since the foundation of the ISSM A. Toscanini (1991) and to his well-deserved promotion to the State Conservatory of Music”. The Director of the “Arturo Toscanini” Conservatory Prof Riccardo Ferrara

THE SUITE OF THE TEMPLESPrologue: Temple of Hera – Salvatore SciarrattaHercules – Alberto ManiaciGiunone – Simone PirainoVulcano – Giacomo TantilloCastor Kai Pollux – Rita Ninfa ColluraZeu! Zeu! – Sergio Calì Concordia – Ernesto Marciante Soloists Ernesto Marciante, Maria Concetta Maggio, Valeria Milazzo – Vocals Giacomo Tantillo – Trumpet Sergio Calì – Percussion Felice Amodio – Guitar Salvatore Sciarratta – Trombone Marco Caterina – Tenor Saxophone Symphony and Jazz Orchestra of the “Arturo Toscanini” Conservatory of Music in Ribera Alberto Maniaci – Director Valeria Milazzo – Presenter Mariangela Longo – Artistic DirectorSimone Piraino – Production Director Riccardo Ferrara- Director of the A. Toscanini Conservatory of RiberaRoberto Albergoni – President of the A. Toscanini Conservatory of Ribera

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