LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia, live 3rd quarter 28′

LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia, live 3rd quarter 28′
LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Reyer Venezia, live 3rd quarter 28′
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The championship challenge valid for the 15th first leg of Serie A between Virtus Bologna is also the match that goes live on DMAX and Eleven Sports at 17:30, referees: Roberto Begnis, Beniamino Manuel Attard, Christian Borgo. Having lost the three meetings between the two teams last season, Walter De Raffaele would like to reverse course towards Sergio Scariolo. Said that among the lagoon Brooks is unavailable like Leo Menalo in the ranks of Virtus, Moraschini, Spissu and Tessitori are the former Umana who have worn the black Vu shirt in the past. No time off for Teodosic, which is up to Jaiteh, Oyeleje and Lundberg.

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3rd quarter – Watt hurts immediately with two trips to the line 4/4 and a field goal with 8’10”. Scariolo’s timeout is sacrosanct, but Bramos’s overtaking on his return to the triple 42-43. Vehement reaction from Segafredo with two consecutive triples to be attributed to Teodosic and Hackett, Shengelia stops Watt but Granger triples up 48-46. Bramos equalizes, Shengelia starts again on +2. Tessitori equalizes with 3’44”. Spissu makes it +1 with the coach booed in Shengelia, then makes two free throws with 2’50”. Venice +3.

2nd quarter – Camara, triple by Parks and Belinelli. He crushes Watt but Belinelli repeats himself 30-25 in the 13th minute. Watt goes to the line with 6’23” and writes the -3 Reyer. Hackett in the line 1/2 and Belinelli snatch a 3-0 on which Ramondino calls timeout. From a double error in the attack by Venice, Weems’ counterattack +10, Bako’s double block against the forwards, Parks’ basket with 3’28”. Willis adds a triple and on +5 it is Scariolo who takes the timeout. Teodosic and Freeman back, then a triple from Hackett 42-34 with 2′ to the siren. But from the two teams’ beating and replaying a point didn’t arrive, in the 10th minute 42-34.

1st quarter – The 5-0 at the start is all from Kyle Weems. Bramos responds with three from the arc, but with 7’51” Shengelia supports the scoreboard for 7-3, then assists Bako and De Raffaele calls timeout in the 3′ minute. Bramos makes a second triple, but Teodosic is fouled by Spissu for three free throws with 6’34”. 2/3 for Serbian. Watt shortens on input. Hackett in the line adds two free throws, Shengelia’s counterattack, Hackett’s triple makes it 18-11 in the 5th minute. Granger avoids the 2-3 zone with a shot from outside, but Cordinier triples. Venice almost swerves, Mannion with three free throws makes 2/3 and with a second trip 1/2 +11 with 1’24”. De Nicolao triples and additional on a foul by Mannion, who makes a free with 28″. Triple by Parks for 26-20 in the 10th minute.

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