“Three Days Isn’t Enough”

“Three Days Isn’t Enough”
“Three Days Isn’t Enough”
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ROMEA Formula 1 Grand Prix over four days? It’s Stuart Pringle’s ideaCEO of the circuit of Silverstonewhich he claimed to want extend the British Grand Prix to Thursdays already, when the first days of trials would take place. In an interview with “Autosport International”Pringle illustrated his idea: “We’re trying to extend the weekend – he confirmed in an interview with Autosport International – I’m working hard on Formula 1, and I think they need to change the format of the weekend”.

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F1, the fastest at the pit stop: the position of Ferrari

Pringle’s idea

We put something on track on Thursday. There are many people who want to come and see things and three days is not enough – added Pringle -. Let’s make it a big part of a week long festival. People show up at Silverstone on Tuesday, pitch the tent and it’s done, it’s in”. Then, on the 2023 edition: “There are a handful of tickets left, but they are the highest priced ones, it is a very nice problem to solve, and it is manifesting itself very quickly. With Covid it seems that we all realized that when we stopped going to see things, we had time to think about how much we missed experiencing the things we love to do. This, coupled with Formula 1’s ever greater popularity, meant that tickets sold out within a week.”

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