Guarantor Umbria, time to review sex ban in prison – Umbria

Guarantor Umbria, time to review sex ban in prison – Umbria
Guarantor Umbria, time to review sex ban in prison – Umbria
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“Rights need time to mature and the time has come to review the rule that prohibits prisoners from having sexual relations in prison”, which fall “among the inviolable rights of man”: Giuseppe Caforio, jurist and guarantor of the Region Umbria for people subjected to restrictive measures thus comments on the decision of the supervisory magistrate of Spoleto who sent a prisoner’s request to the Constitutional Court to evaluate the legitimacy of the law which provides for the ban. News reported by various media. According to what lawyer Caforio explained to ANSA, every year “there are numerous requests from prisoners who ask to be able to have relations with their partner but are presented with requests for permission to leave prison for the necessary time”. The jurist then explained that the theme of sex in prison “is ancient and has already been addressed on a thousand occasions”. “It’s time to review this legislation – he added – also because Italy is among the few European countries to apply the ban and we are behind others that have specific regulations instead. Already in 2012 the Constitutional Court had rejected a similar appeal arguing however that it is a real issue that must be addressed by Parliament”. The one who turned to the surveillance magistrate of Spoleto is a “common” prisoner and is serving a long sentence. In the Umbrian detention facility, one wing is reserved for 41 bis, the so-called hard prison for the most serious crimes. Caforio said he considers “among the inviolable rights of man the emotional relationships for prisoners”. “As well as the right to food, health care and interviews,” he added. In Umbrian prisons, particularly in Perugia and Terni, the prison population is mainly made up of young people between the ages of 20 and 40. “People who biologically have – explained Caforio – sexual expectations which, when they are not met, lead to episodes of violence in prison or homosexuality. Once captured, even the last escaped from Perugia said he did it to satisfy his sexual needs”. Caforio then went back to reiterating the need for “the new Parliament in which there are also many lawyers and jurists to address the issue of sexual relations for prisoners”. “In Italy we have made many steps forward on the subject of civil rights – he underlined – and the time has come to do so on this issue as well”. However, according to the Guarantor “an organic and thought-out law is needed rather than an intervention by the Constitutional Court to declare the law illegitimate”. “In fact, there is the question of operational management that is not easy to deal with – he added -. Special spaces and an organization are needed. It will then be inevitable to address the issue of who and with whom one can have relations”.


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