tap-off, let’s play!

tap-off, let’s play!
tap-off, let’s play!
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We are ready to live the live of Scafati Pesaro, and then we can say that Attilio Caja will go hunting for qualification in the Italian Cup against a team he coached over 20 years ago. In February 1999, then Scavolini, which was in Serie A2, had hired the coach from Pavia for promotion: Caja had led the team to the playoff semi-finals and had lost it against Biella, but in the summer the acquisition of the sporting title from Gorizia had brought Pesaro upstairs. Caja’s season had been positive: Pesaro had qualified for the Italian Cup and had passed the first round, then being eliminated in the semifinals by Treviso, while in the championship fourth place had led to the intersection against a thirteenth-placed Milan.

Unfortunately things hadn’t gone well: Vuelle had lost the home game at the photo finish, and had collapsed in the Lombard capital under 23 points margin. It had been the end of the Caja era, which the following year would have won the Super cup in Rome; but this is another story, now we have to refer to the PalaMangano parquet because everything is finally ready, and therefore let’s make ourselves comfortable because the duo of Scafati Pesaro is about to get up! (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


There live Of Scafati Pesaro it will not be one of those that will be broadcast on our television channels for the 15th day of Serie A1. However, we know that from this season the entire programming of the basketball championship is the prerogative of the Eleven Sports portal: a vision in live video stream (the on demand service is also available) remembering that the broadcaster has also recently been part of the DAZN package, and therefore its subscribers will be able to follow this match. Finally, we can also refer you to the official Lega website, which you can find at www.legabasket.it, for all the useful information such as the play-by-play scoreboard and the box score updated in real time.


We have already said it: in the live broadcast of Scafati Pesaro Givova chases what would be an incredible qualification for the Italian Cup Final Eight. Attilio Caja stamped it for the last time with Varese, and now it could be repeated: however, Scafati’s hopes are reduced to a flicker. In the event of Brescia’s victory in Verona – but we will only know at the end of the 15th day – the doors of Turin would open wide for Germani, who already have a 2-point advantage over Brindisi and Scafati; if, on the other hand, the Lioness falls at the AGSM Forum, Givova, in addition to beating Pesaro, should hope for the victory in Brindisi on the Sassari parquet.

The reason? Simple: in the separate ranking Scafati would have the advantage of direct challenges, and therefore she would be eighth in the standings. However, being below both Brescia and Dinamo, he cannot afford to get level points with the Lombards and that’s it: which is why, paradoxical as it may seem, Caja and his boys must cheer for a direct rival like Brindisi to win . This, of course, only if Verona were to complete the work in the evening by taking the scalp of Germani… (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


Scafati Pesaromatch live from the Beta Ricambi Arena (or PalaMangano), is played at 17:00 on Sunday 15 January: it is valid for the 15th day of the basketball championship Serie A1 2022-2023. Givova is still virtually in the running for the Final Eight and, however difficult – but not impossible – getting there certainly says a lot about the newly promoted: Attilio Caja has done and is doing an excellent job without a shadow of a doubt, but now he has to redeem the defeat accrued in Trieste which, given Scafati’s recent step, was if we will surprising and certainly painful.


Pesaro in the Italian Cup went there without particular problems, thanks to +29 stamped against Treviso: the Vuelle seen last Sunday was the dominant one who made enormous progress under the guidance of Jasmin Repesa, and who now clearly also wants to make the leap in quality so as to try to fit into a discussion that could concern a possible playoff semi-final. Without rushing too much, let’s begin to see what could happen in the live coverage of Scafati Pesaro, from which we can certainly present the main themes that will emerge this afternoon.

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Scafati Pesaro it is certainly an interesting game: on paper, Vuelle is clearly the favorite and it is logical that it is so, but be careful because the ranking tells us that Givova has only two wins less than the Marches and in fact, as already mentioned, with a useful combination of results (naturally starting from his victory) would detach the ticket for the Italian Cup, a result that would be crazy if we consider not so much the newly promoted status, but the way in which this championship started under the guidance of the still excellent Alessandro Rossi.

Pesaro, as already mentioned, has been making a change of pace since 2020, when Repesa had arrived on the bench for the first time: with Luca Banchi he reached the missed playoffs the previous year (when, however, there was the Italian Cup final) and now with the return of the Croatian coach, the feeling is that Vuelle can grow further, above all because in this Serie A1 – net of the battleships Milano and Virtus Bologna – the others are substantially on the same level, and therefore Pesaro must take advantage of it to begin with from the appointment he will soon have in Turin…


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