Covid in Piedmont, good situation. Last week’s data

Covid in Piedmont, good situation. Last week’s data
Covid in Piedmont, good situation. Last week’s data
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In Piedmont, the contagion curve shows a downward trend compared to the previous period: we are in the sixth consecutive week of decline.

The occupation of the ordinary beds stands at 5.8%, that of intensive care beds is at1,4%, while the positivity of the swabs is at 3.6%: all down from seven days ago.

Even for this week, Piedmont records better data than the national ones.


From the data released by Arpa, the results of the sequencing analyzes of the waste water on the samples taken on December 27th highlight the dominance of the subvariant of Omicron BQ.1.1 in the treatment plants of Alessandria, Castiglione Torinese and Cuneo, while in the treatment plant of Novara the dominant variant is BE.1.1.

As regards the recombinant subvariants, the presence of specific and unique mutations with low frequency belonging to the subvariant XBF Exbc.1 is observed in the Alessandria treatment plant.

No specific and unique mutations are observed for Omicron subvariants BA.1, BA.3 and BA.4.


Between Friday January 6th and Thursday 12 January they have been vaccinated 17.019 people: 44 received the first dose, 105 the second, 346 the third, 8,551 the fourth, 7,973 the fifth.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign they have been administered in Piedmont 10.786,332 doses, of which 3,345,079 as second, 2,962,690 as third, 757,803 as fourth, 113,817 as fifth.


In Piedmont in the period from January 6thto the 12 January the average daily cases of infections were 387. Divided by provinces: Alessandria 49, Asti 21, Biella 16, Cuneo 33, Novara 36, ​​Vercelli 12, VCO 13, Turin city 74, Turin metropolitan area 117.

In total, on a regional basis, the cases of the last 7 days have been 2,706 (-2,489).
This is the breakdown by province: Alessandria 341 (-257), Asti 147 (-160), Biella 110 (-116), Cuneo 234 (-313), Novara 255 (-208), Vercelli 87 (-92), VCO 93 (-106), Turin city 520 (-380), Turin metropolitan area 821 (-774).



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In the week from January 6th to the 12 January the regional incidence (i.e. the weekly increase of new Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants) was 63.6 with a declining trend (-48%) respect to 122.2 of the previous seven days.

In the 19-24 age group the incidence is 31.1 (-40.8%).

In the 25-44 age range it is 61.1 (-38.8%).

Between 45 and 59 years it stands at 68.1 (-48.1%).

In the 60-69 age group it is 78.8 (-50.2%).

Between 70-79 years it is 84.4 (-54.5%).

In the over 80 range the incidence is 110.8 (-54.3%).


In school age, in the period from January 6th to the 12 Januarythe incidence compared to the previous seven days is decreasing in the age groups 0-2, 11-13 and 14-18 years.

In detail: in the 0-2 year age group the incidence is 37.6 ( 31.1%), in the 3-5 year range there is an incidence of 13.9 (+17.8%), in the range between 6 and 10 years the incidence is 14.2 (+9.2%), in the 11-13 age group the incidence is 13.8 (-15.9%)in the range between 14 and 18 years the incidence is 15.5(-9.4%).

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