Juve, Allegri and the youngsters: starters in victories, substitutes in Naples

Juve, Allegri and the youngsters: starters in victories, substitutes in Naples
Juve, Allegri and the youngsters: starters in victories, substitutes in Naples
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Miretti, Iling and Soulé entered Maradona after the match, Fagioli out: for the first time after 4 games none of them played from the start. And Max finally admitted: “Low energy”

Without their young players on the pitch, Juve can no longer win, or in any case are less effective. Of course it can’t be a justification for the defeat in Naples, but the analysis by Max Allegri who speaks of “little energy” in the post-match tie too much with the absence of the Under 23s who in the last period had managed to lend a hand in terms of brilliance. At the end of October Fagioli (since then always the owner) had given away the three points with Lecce, just as in the four previous matches against Napoli at least one young player had always started from the beginning. Now the point is not about young people, but about what everyone else can’t give: because at Maradona, episodes aside, we saw a Juve unable to make their potential weigh. Only Di Maria survived, even though he played at reduced gears.


A Juve under construction, stuffed by young people and therefore looking for an identity in the medium to long term, could also have counted on a misstep at Napoli; but a Juve set up with an adequate market to return to winning with expert players (albeit on the occasion with a few less regular players) had to give a different perception of themselves. The collapse does not erase the good done in the string of eight consecutive victories with clean sheets, but it triggers a small alarm again. Allegri himself, during the post-match press conference, admitted that after the break his team encountered more difficulties than expected, solving with a bit of luck against Cremonese and Udinese and with less merit than before the break for the World Cup . The latest Juve is frayed again, with few references and a little too superficial.


“We weren’t phenomenal before and we’re not scarce now,” Danilo said. But Juve who get back up from the knockout in Naples certainly have less certainties. And one, perhaps not decisive but at least to be analysed, concerns precisely those young people who had somehow guided the rebirth. The entry into the field of Iling, Miretti and Soulé on 5-1 could not change the fate of a match abundantly addressed, Fagioli (perhaps not at his best) remained on the bench despite having played three of the previous four successful matches. Allegri chose to rely on more experienced players to try to reopen the Scudetto race: and instead, faced with a stronger team, he found himself empty-handed as had happened in the Champions League in the direct clash with Benfica. And perhaps this is also why the next match against Monza is once again a bit scary.

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