Murder-suicide, a man and a woman found dead in a parking lot in Bellaria

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She makes an appointment with her friend in a parking lot, kills her and then takes her own life by shooting herself in the head. It happened yesterday afternoon in Bellaria Igea Marina a few hours after the femicide that took place in Rome, where another woman paid for a man’s madness with her life. Singular analogies with the murder committed in the capital. Both killers were older than their victims; and both were familiar with weapons. The first was a retired security guard, the second a former traffic police officer (now the local police).

Who I am

It was the open parking lot of the Giordano institute that was the backdrop to the tragedy of 70-year-old Oriana Brunelli and her killer, 82-year-old Vittorio Capuccini. At the moment it is not known whether the small square on the corner between via San Mauro and via Gioacchino Rossini was a regular place for their appointments. It certainly wasn’t too far from their homes: both lived with their respective spouses in San Mauro Pascoli.

What happened

Yesterday 16 had passed by a handful of minutes when the first feminicide of the year takes place in the province of Rimini. Vittorio Capuccini and Oriana Brunelli certainly didn’t find themselves there by chance: confirmation will still be sought by examining their respective cell phones. Having parked their respective cars next to each other, the retired policeman got out of her Twingo and approached her Panda. Fundamental in the reconstruction of what happened will be the testimony of a passing nurse who unsuccessfully tried to bring aid to Oriana Brunelli. She would have found her still with a part of her body inside the car. This suggests that the killer shot her while she was trying to get off. Murdered Oriana then retraced his steps, she got back into the car and there he pulled her trigger again after placing the revolver barrel against her head.

The investigation

The first to arrive on the scene were the carabinieri of the Bellaria station and the health workers of Romagna rescued with an ambulance and self-medicalized, with nothing left to do but ascertain the double death. In rapid succession they were joined by colleagues from the Radiomobile, the Operations Department and the Scientific Department. Colleagues from Cesenatico have the task of searching for the family members and informing them of the tragedy. They will be asked if they were aware of the decennial friendship between Oriana and Vittorio and if there could have been an extramarital affair between them. This could be In the Bellaria Igea Marina barracks, the nurse who tried to save the 70-year-old from death was immediately summoned and listened to.
Also on site was the public prosecutor of the Rimini Public Prosecutor Paolo Gengarelli who has already ordered the autopsy. The autoptic examination will be performed on Monday morning by Dr. Pirani. He has the task of establishing whether Oriana Brunelli (who leaves behind her husband, two daughters and several grandchildren) died instantly and whether Vittorio Capuccini (also married, a son, a daughter and grandchildren) acted under the effect of alcohol or some stimulant.


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