He leaves Sicily to follow his girlfriend suffering from multiple sclerosis

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“You’ve Got Mail” knows no rivals in terms of ratings. Last evening the second episode of the 26th season of people show by Maria De Filippi it kept 4,895,000 spectators glued to the television, recording a share of 30.4%.

Maria De Filippi (Photo from video)

The story of Eleonora suffering from multiple sclerosis

To open the first episode is the “story of a gift”. Eleonora, 23, wanted to surprise her 25-year-old boyfriend Giulio to whom she has been linked for four years. Three years ago, the girl learned that she had multiple sclerosis. Instead of running away from her, Giulio stayed by her side.

Gianfranco Apicerni, postman of ‘You’ve Got Mail’

The two moved to Veneto for work

The couple left Catania, Sicily and relocated in Sanguinetto, in the province of Verona. Giulio has set aside his dream of becoming a dental technician and has started working in a factory to build his future with Eleonora. Every now and then, the girl reads in the eyes of her beloved her sadness for having left her land and her family.

The delivery of the mail to Giulio

Charles Leclerc is Eleonora’s surprise for Giulio

Eleonora calls “You’ve got mail” to make a surprise to Giulio allowing him to meet and get to know his idol: the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. The champion appears deeply moved and listens to the story of Eleonora and Giulio with shining eyes.

Charles Leclerc at ‘You’ve Got Mail’

“If I wake up in the morning and I’m no longer afraid, it’s thanks to Giulio”

“If I wake up in the morning and I’m not afraid anymore it’s thanks to him – explains Eleonora – At 23 you shouldn’t be afraid of the next day nor of the future. At 23, girls my age eat their future. For me it’s different. I was 20 when I felt a little discomfort in my eye and on the left side of my face, when they gave a name to this discomfort: multiple sclerosis. That day I was with Giulio. After leaving the doctor, I was silent for an hour. Then I burst into tears and said to him: ‘How is it possible that you want to be with someone like me?’ He never left me, he even learned to give me injections when my left arm or leg became immobilized ”.


“I don’t want to be a burden to Giulio but he wants a family with me”

“He left with me from Sicily to Northern Italy with a broken Peugeot – he says – It was summer, it didn’t have air conditioning, we were full of suitcases and our dream was to find a job and then be able to rent a house. In February 2020 we succeeded. When I look at our little house, I’m proud of him and our love nest. We have now got a kitten. Sometimes I have some annoyance, I keep my illness at bay with pills, when I have little annoyances I try to keep them to myself even if he notices it. Every day my biggest fear is to be a burden and every now and then I tell him. He replies not only that I’m not but he also tells me that I am his family, that we will have a future, that he will become a dad and I will be a mom. I’m here tonight to tell him that I love him deeply. Why Charles Leclerc? Because when there is Formula 1 and he competes, it is the only case in which I become second”.


“If we are here it is thanks to you and our love”

Giulio accepts the invitation and goes to the studio. He certainly didn’t imagine that his fiancée could be behind the envelope. “Don’t make that face because if we are here it is thanks to you and our love – says Eleonora with a voice broken by tears – You are the person who makes me face everything with a smile, you didn’t run away and you want a family with me. Your family with me. I promise I’ll give it my all because I want it too. Only with you”.

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Julius and Eleanor

The discovery of the disease: “The world has collapsed on us”

Maria De Filippi has the task of reading a poignant letter written by Eleonora for Giulio: “I love you with an absolute, very strong and invincible love. I love you from the first glance until the last breath. For the time that will be granted to us that I would like to be infinite. When the doctor said the word ‘multiple sclerosis’, the world collapsed around us. I told you: ‘Who makes you stay with me because I always have a problem?’ You hugged me tight and here we are, two years after that certain diagnosis. Needless to say, there is a monster inside me called ‘fear’ that torments me without warning. I’m afraid of being too big a problem for you to handle over time, of ruining your life. I would not forgive myself. But you always manage to turn my fear into positive thoughts”.

Charles Leclerc and Julius

“Life played a bad joke on me but it also paid me back in its own way”

“You are there to dry my tears every time I hear the body that doesn’t respond and I panic – he reveals – You’re the one who injects me with the desire not to give up and makes me believe that we will have a future. You are home because you didn’t let me live alone even one day, giving up perhaps too soon your family you love and the carefree life made up of friends. You are home because to build a future together we decided to leave Sicily to move to the North and I know you did it especially for me. Life played a trick on me but in its own way it also paid me back because it gave me you. The doctors have reassured us that it is not a hereditary disease and that one day we will be able to become parents. Of course…the doctors don’t know that we want to make at least four children”.

Giulio and Maria De Filippi

“If you hadn’t met me, you would surely still be in Catania”

And again: “If I look into your big green eyes I see the panorama of a happy life, despite what we know and especially what we don’t know, of how this disease will continue. I know you suffer a lot for having left Sicily but you don’t let me weigh it. Some days I see the sadness in your eyes and I’m so sorry. If you hadn’t met me, you would surely still be in Catania, you would spend every Sunday at the table with your mother, grandparents, cousins, uncles. Maybe you would become a dental technician which has always been your dream. Some mornings you wake up and tell me you dreamed of the sea. Now, for my sake, you wake up immersed in the fog in a small village where the relatives are only mine and where you have found a job in a factory to save up the money for us. I messed up your life and a lot too. My promise is that I will do my best to face the future and the disease. With strength and dignity”.

Eleanor and Julius

Charles Leclerc: “I know you admire me but my admiration for you is greater”

Charles Leclerc materializes at the top of the steps and Giulio finds it hard to believe his own eyes. “We are more or less the same age. Normally at this age we think of something else. My life is very different, I’ve never made choices like this – says the pilot – I know what it’s like to stay away from home but doing it for love, in such a situation, shows that you are a beautiful person. I know you admire me but the admiration I have for you is greater, for your values. I am moved, yours is a beautiful story, you deserve all the happiness in the world”. Thanks to the generosity of Charles Leclerc, the couple will be able to go on vacation to Disneyland Paris and Giulio will be able to fly to Sicily to embrace his family again.

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