America’s uncle is in Liguria: missing at the beginning of the 1900s, heirs found in the USA

America’s uncle is in Liguria: missing at the beginning of the 1900s, heirs found in the USA
America’s uncle is in Liguria: missing at the beginning of the 1900s, heirs found in the USA
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From America to Liguria to discover one’s distant Italian roots, thanks to a decidedly surprising inheritance. It is the story of a family of South American origins who discovered that they are descended from a man born in the 1800s in Liguria, who left to seek his fortune in the first half of the 1900s and then went missing. Inheriting a house on the Riviera and rediscovering his Italian roots with great enthusiasm.

History from the 1800s to the present day

The man, FB, born in 1880, had gone to South America in his youth, then resulting definitively missing in the sixties of the 1900s and leaving an apartment in the center of Varazze, a few steps from the sea. After about 60 years it was very difficult to reconstruct the history of the property in order to find the property and any heirs, and this is where ED Genealogy came into play, a company from Arenzano specializing in genealogical research and hereditary transfers: after the appropriate searches, which lasted about year, some distant cousins ​​of the man, sixth degree relatives, were found. Precisely, grandchildren of cousins ​​who in turn emigrated from South America to the United States.

In recent months, the “surprise” heirs arrived in Liguria and visited their ancestor’s apartment, happy to have unexpectedly found traces of their family.

A year of work for a family tree meters long

“It was a very demanding job, which lasted almost a year – explains a GenoaToday Eleonora Grasso, director of the ED Genealogy company – we took charge of the case by consulting conservatories, parishes, institutions even abroad. It was also difficult because we are talking about a period in which there were still no computer databases and it was extremely difficult to cross-check. In this case we were contacted by a professional who managed the assets but didn’t know who to contact to find the rightful owners, so we helped him with our research”.

The genealogical tree reconstructed to reach the recipient family is several meters long, the result of patient work in the company’s Arenzanese headquarters: it took six people to keep it fully open and extended, as seen in the video. Not only names and surnames but also faces, hopes, dreams, weddings, births, deaths, emigrations that have told the experts part of the story of a family that is intertwined with that of the twentieth century.

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The ‘uncle from America’ this time was Italian

In short, if the dream of the ‘uncle from America’ who leaves an important legacy has always existed in the collective imagination, in this case exactly the opposite happened: the legacy came from Italy, for the benefit of American relatives.

In recent months, the trip to Italy to discover not only their property in the historic center of Varazze, among the typical colored houses, but also Liguria with its colours, its sea and the inevitable gastronomic traditions: “It was exciting – he concludes Eleonora Grasso – because the family knew she had distant Italian origins but never imagined that they would even find such tangible traces of her past When we contacted the heirs they wanted to come directly to Italy to see and it was very nice to see their faces live , also because often when it comes to such long distances contacts are often limited to emails, phone calls and video calls. But they are still descendants of people who, after a year of research, you almost feel you know. It doesn’t always happen, it was a ‘moving experience’.

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