“after 3 months, the bill for Lucanians has been reduced”. The details

“after 3 months, the bill for Lucanians has been reduced”. The details
“after 3 months, the bill for Lucanians has been reduced”. The details
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A well-attended meeting was held on Friday 13 in the presence of the Councilor for the Environment of the Basilicata Region, Cosimo Latronico, the Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency Office of the Regional Council Dr. Michele Busciolano, the Sole Director of Apibas SpA Dr. Luigi Vergari and the representatives of the gas sales companies in the Region, aimed at taking stock of the state of implementation of the measure relating to the “gas bonus” referred to in regional law No. 28/2022 “Regional environmental compensation measures for the energy transition and the repopulation of the Lucanian territory” after approximately 50 working days from the start date of acquisition of the self-certifications by users, necessary for the use of the facilitation.

The opening of the works by the Head of Cabinet was followed by the technical report by Dr. Vergari focused on the state of the art of the measurement, on the representation of the main evidences that emerged in this first phase of application and on the illustration of the finalized action plan to optimize interactions between stakeholders for to ensure that all fellow countrymen quickly use the gas bonus in compliance with the established control procedures.

In particular, an implementation of the procedure was presented and proposed aimed at allowing the use of the benefit, with retroactive effect, also in favor of users who are not admitted due to errors found during the presentation phase and/or for the late activation of the sales companies or for the eventual lack of participation by some of these.

At present, the sales companies that have complied with the regional standard represent around 90% of the reference market.

During the in-depth debate, the representatives of the sales companies, among other things, expressed their appreciation for the assistance received, for the timely fulfillment of the obligations by Apibas and for the implementation of the proposed procedure.

Councilor Latronico thanked Apibas:

“for the extraordinary commitment made in the very rapid implementation of a “historic” law which allowed, already after about three months from the entry into force, to lighten the energy bill of the Lucanians in a difficult moment situation (over 130,000 self-certifications processed), expressing appreciation for the collaboration received from the sales companies”.

concluded the Assessor Latronic:


“It is a great first result in the direction of the energy revolution of the Basilicata Region with significant economic results for the benefit of the Lucanians, which goes hand in hand with the tender for those who do not have a pdr (gas meter) or want to get rid of it, a measure that has already given the participation of thousands of families from Basilicata, with reservations of resources amounting to almost 10 million euros.

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The facts”.


(Court Authorization n. 466)

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