Victory in Tuscany, Parella is the winter champion

Victory in Tuscany, Parella is the winter champion
Victory in Tuscany, Parella is the winter champion
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By winning 3-1 on the difficult field of Toscanagarden Pallavolo Nottolini, Volley Parella Torino takes the title of winter champion of the group and does so by also trying to escape, given the simultaneous defeat in the tie-break by Volpiano on the Garlasco field.

Two points now separate the Turinese from the Canavese but we must also keep an eye on who is below and the classification at the moment is very short in the first positions, given that Garlasco himself follows by three lengths and immediately below are Castelfranco and Biella: five teams in just 4 points.

In Capannori Parella takes the field once again without Mabilo and coach Barisciani confirms last week’s sextet, with Polezzi in charge and Cicogna opposite, Camperi and Damato forwards in position 4, Deambrogio and Tullio in the center and Fantini libero.

The Tuscans are off to a better start, ahead right from the start (3-0) and able to stretch up to 7-3. Parella is back down (10-9) but Fatone’s two aces send Nottolini flying to 15-10. The set turns when, at 20-17, he beats Damato: devastating round topped off with two aces. Camperi takes care of the rest who, putting down the last three balls, closes it 20-25.

In the second the trend is the same as in the first, with the landlords ahead immediately (4-1, then 8-2) but this time Parella is unable to react. The Tuscans lengthen progressively until the final 25-18.

Parella is back in the match in the third when, after the usual initial starting point from Nottolini (5-3), the comeback arrives: 7-8. From now on the set goes point to point and in the final the Turinese are good at having the right starting point thanks to Cicogna and Camperi and closing from 19 equal to 22-25.

Balance reigns in the fourth until 12-10 Nottolini. In two rounds Parella changes inertia and flies 13-19 also thanks to the aces from Deambrogio first and then two from Polezzi. However, the landlords react and come back down (17-19) but in the final the Turinese are good at managing the advantage, increasing it with Cicogna’s ace and repeating the 22-25 of the previous set which this time means three points.

“We played two games in one – comments coach Barisciani – In the first two sets we played badly, especially in service and in reception. We won the first but then they put us in great difficulty and prevailed in the second. In the third and in the fourth, however, we managed to contain them and then press the accelerator at the crucial moment. Now we’re taking a couple of days off since we have a long break to then prepare ourselves as best as possible for the restart”.

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TOSCANAGARDEN VOLLEYBALL NOTTOLINI: Trevisol 1, Lunardi 9, Sgherza 24, Fatone 10, Salamida 11, Bruni 14, Battellino (L), Mariani 1, Coselli 1, Bini. Ne: Grucka, Castiglioni, Ghezzi, Mastronardi. Coach: Stefano Capponi.

VOLLEYBALL PARELLA TURIN: Polezzi 4, Cicogna 17, Camperi 20, Damato 16, Deambrogio 9, Tullio 2, Fantini (L), Tosini. Ne: Fano, Tognoni, Esposito (L). Coach: Mauro Barisciani.

NOTES: Aces 7-9, Bad Hits 14-14, Catches 45% (27%)-46% (25%), Offense 42%-39%, Blocks 8-6, Errors 25-18.

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