Sicily, fire on the Palermo ferry

Sicily, fire on the Palermo ferry
Sicily, fire on the Palermo ferry
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It is a race against time to put out a fire that broke out on the Palermo – Naples ferry.

The fire was contained but, at least until 8 this morning, there were still flames inside the ship Superba of the Grandi Navi Veloci company.

The fire broke out around 10pm yesterday, Saturday 14 January, in the port of Palermo, inside one of the garages of the ferry which was preparing to leave for Naples. The firefighting operations kept the firefighters busy throughout the night, a race against time to avoid further damage to the vessel. «After having confined the fire inside the premises and lowered the high temperature – reads a note – the best strategy is being evaluated for accessing the premises and extinguishing the fire. On site there are 10 teams coordinated by the service officer present in the forward command post».

The fire on the ship for Naples

The fire broke out just before the moorings on a tugboat parked in one of the garages were lifted. In a few minutes a large cloud of black smoke invaded the quay and the fire brigade teams immediately arrived on the scene and began extinguishing operations.

The flames also spread to other vehicles, although the damages are to be quantified, fortunately there are no injuries, if not some intoxicated people on board. There were over 180 passengers on the ship who were disembarked, while several ambulances arrived at the port.

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