grenade in the quarterfinals

grenade in the quarterfinals
grenade in the quarterfinals
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The Rossoneri were eliminated by a goal from Adopo in the 114th minute: Juric’s boys went through despite being outnumbered in the 70th minute

The Turin exceeds 0-1 the Milan in the round of 16 of Italian Cup and detach the pass for i quarterswhere he will meet the winner of Fiorentina-Sampdoria. The regulation 90′ ended 0-0 and without particular emotions, with the grenades remaining in 10 in the 70th minute for the double yellow remedied by Djidji. In extra time, the Rossoneri launched an attack, but Milinkovic-Savic held up and thought about it in the 114th minute Later to sign the qualifying goal at the end of a perfect counterattack. A bad blow for Pioli’s boys, who say goodbye to the competition in the first round and are now called to a prompt redemption in the league, against Lecce.


The Parmesan coach chooses to deploy his team with grenades, testing the three-man defense and raising Pobega alongside Diazin support of De Ketelaere. The line-up upheavals don’t affect the Rossoneri’s attitude at the start, who show their usual aggressiveness and desire to play the game. The first big chance, however, is del Toro: Sanabria inspires, Lukic find the central gate, but Tatarusanu he is good at neutralizing it in low output, remedying a so-so quickdraw that had triggered the action. Milan’s offensive maneuver is inevitably less fluid than usual, but around the 25th minute the hosts have two great deals in a row: first a conclusion from the limit of Dest, deflected, on which Vanya has to outdo himself; then, on the following corner, a full pole hit by De Ketelaere with a nice turn of the head, even if a little fortuitous. Pioli’s team continues to have the ball in hand and in the 45th minute they are still close to taking the lead: De Ketelaere he is good at centralizing and letting his left foot explode, but his shot is too central to worry Milinkovic-Savic and the first half ends 0-0.

At the start of the second half a good chance happens to Pobega after a nice coast-to-coast from Diaz, but Milinkovic also controls this conclusion, despite a half uncertainty. As the minutes go by, Pioli’s boys decrease in intensity and leave more room for those of Juric, who in any case struggle a lot to worry Tatarusanu. Just over 20′ from the end inside Leao and Messias for Saelemaekers and Diaz, with the intention of trying to avoid extra time. The Brazilian is immediately decisive, who forces Djidji to catch the second yellow to stop his potential start in the open field, ensuring his team a final race in numerical superiority. In the 77th minute they also enter Giroud and Hernandez and the match turns into a maxi assault on the grenade doorwhich however only turns into a couple of Theo’s dangerous conclusionsbefore Rapuano sends everyone to additional.

Milan poured forward, but despite all the guns on the pitch struggles to enter the area continuously, relies above all on shots from distance and on a couple of occasions he also risks something on the counterattack. In the 104th minute a good ball happens to Giroudwhich turns well but finds i 195 cm of Vanya to block his way to goal. The match seems to be heading towards penalties, but takes a sudden and unexpected turn in the 114th minute: perfect counterattack of the Taurusstarted by Lukicfinished by Bayeye and closed in goal by Later, at his first goal in a grenade shirt. Desperately looking for an equalizer, Milan still have a couple of chances to grab it, but Milinkovic resists and the Piedmontese celebrate at San Siro.


Milan-Turin 0-1 aet
Milan (3-4-2-1): Tatarusanu 6; Kalulu 6, Gabbia 6 (32′ st Hernandez 5.5), Tomori 6; Saelemaekers 5.5 (22′ st Leao 5.5), Tonali 6, Vranckx 6 (38′ st Bennacer 6), Dest 6.5 (5′ st Calabria 6); Diaz 6.5 (22′ st Messias 5.5), Pobega 5 (32′ st Giroud 5.5); De Ketelaere 5.5.
Trainer: Pegs 5
Turin (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic 6.5; Djidji 5, Schuurs 6.5, Buongiorno 6.5; Singo 6.5 (6′ sts Bayeye 6.5), Lukic 6.5, Ricci 6.5 (1′ pts Adopo 7), Rodriguez 6 (36′ st Linetty 7.5); Miranchuk 5 (45’+1 st Seck 6.5), Vlasic 5 (36′ st Vojvoda 6); Sanabria 6 (25′ st Zima 6).
Trainer: Juric 6.5
Referee: Rapuan
Markers: 4′ sts Aafter (T)
Ammonite yourself: Milinkovic-Savic (T), Linetty (T)
Expelled: Djidji (T), sum of yellow cards

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De Ketelaere 5.5 – It was the most awaited of the evening, but without the post (perhaps not entirely wanted) and the conclusion from outside the first half really does too little to change the critics’ minds.
Diaz 6.5 – Before the 90 players enter the field, he is the only real engine of the Rossoneri attack. Accelerations, dribbling and tearing to try and unhinge the grenade defense, while struggling to create real goal chances.
Pobega 5 – Advanced on the trocar to try to exploit his insertions, however he is particularly inaccurate and messy, never really able to provide the right support to the offensive maneuver.
Leah 5.5 – Log in to unlock a tricky game, but struggle to light up and only limited himself to a few shots from distance, with poor accuracy.

Sanabria 6 – A very generous match, in which he lowers himself a lot to talk to his teammates and try to free up space for the two attacking midfielders, who however make little use of them.
Miranchuk 5 – Bad night for him and Vlasic. Few insertions, never able to jump man, zero dangers created at Tatarusanu’s goal.
Hedgehogs 6.5 – His tasks are almost exclusively breaking, but he performs them at his best, squeezing himself for 90′ and greatly limiting the opponents’ build-up.
After 7 – He has had a great impact on the game, giving his team running and vivacity in the spaces that the opponents inevitably leave. He becomes the hero of the evening by signing the goal that is worth the quarterfinals.


– Milan were not eliminated in the first match of the season played in the Italian Cup since December 2008 (1-2 vs Lazio); since then, the Rossoneri had gone through 13 seasons in a row.
– It was since 1985 that Torino hadn’t beaten Milan twice in the same season and since 1969 that they hadn’t succeeded in two different competitions in a single season.
– This is only the second time, out of six occasions, that Torino have progressed past the round of 16 against Milan in the Coppa Italia and it hasn’t happened since 1961.
– Turin had not made it past the round of 16 of the Coppa Italia since January 2020, when they went on penalties against Genoa.
Considering all competitions, Torino are unbeaten in all of their last three matches against Milan (W2, D1), conceding just one goal in the run.
– Milan have gone two home games in a row without scoring in the Coppa Italia, it hasn’t happened since March 1991.
Torino have only conceded a goal in one of their last seven games in the Coppa Italia (1-2 vs Sampdoria, 16 December 2021).
– Michel Adopo found his first ever goal for Torino, in his eighth appearance in all competitions for the granata.

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