France: Le Graet torpedoed, suspended by Football Federation guide

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The number 1 of French football forced to take a step back for the statements about Zidane and the allegations of sexual harassment

Noel Le Graet has been suspended as president of the French Football Federation by the Extraordinary Executive Committee of the body. The number 1 of transalpine football, who assumed the presidency in 2011 and whose mandate would expire at the end of 2024, has been weakened by his recent controversial statements about Zinedine Zidane and testimony on alleged sexual harassment disclosed by an agent. Its general manager, Florence Hardouin, has also been suspended. Philippe Diallo will guarantee the interim head of the FFF.

Le Graet was in fact forced to resign, to take a step back, at least pending the publication of the audit commissioned directly by the Ministry of Sport in France to shed light on allegations of sexual harassment and other critical internal situations.

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The French Government against Le Graet – The government spokesman, Olivier Véran, was questioned about the controversies surrounding Le Graet. “On this I have a personal opinion, not a governmental one. I share the opinion of the Minister of Sport. A federation like the French Football Federation deserves a president up to the task, who knows how to give a good image of French football in front of the planet. I have fond memories of the 1998 final and such an adoration for Zizou that I myself was quite hurt by what I could hear. It’s not just that, but there are so many other little things.”

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Le Graet and Hardouin also hold management positions in Fifa And Uefa. Notably, Le Graet is currently a candidate for another four-year term on the FIFA Council, the decision-making committee of the world’s football body. He will be challenged for the seat by Portuguese football federation president Fernando Gomes. Elections are set for April 5, when UEFA member nations meet in Lisbon. Hardouin, on the other hand, has the female seat protected on the UEFA executive committee, which will expire at the congress on 5 April in Lisbon. She could withdraw as a candidate by the February 5 deadline.

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