Music: Ornella Vanoni sings at the Europauditorium of Bologna – Emilia-Romagna

Music: Ornella Vanoni sings at the Europauditorium of Bologna – Emilia-Romagna
Music: Ornella Vanoni sings at the Europauditorium of Bologna – Emilia-Romagna
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On 12 January in the concert “Ornella. Women and music”

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, JANUARY 10 – 112 works including albums, CDs and LPs of which he has sold 55 million copies; memorable albums such as “The desire, the madness, the recklessness, the joy” together with the Brazilian singer-songwriter Vinícius de Moraes, collaborations with the greatest American jazz musicians of the caliber of Herbie Hancock, Gil Evans, Michael Brecker, Ron Carter and George Benson, 8 participations at the Sanremo Festival; released her fiftieth studio album, Unica, in January 2021: it is Ornella Vanoni who will be at the Europauditorium in Bologna on January 12 at 9 pm for a concert, already sold out for some time, entitled “Ornella. Women and music . Songs, music and irony”.

With her on stage an all-female band: Sade Mangiaracina on piano (also curator of the arrangements), Eleonora Strino on guitar, Federica Michisanti on double bass, Laura Klain on drums and Leila Shirvani on cello. A long-awaited return for the Milanese artist who she chooses to tell about herself through autobiographical monologues: the curtain opens and she, refined and essential in a white dress, illuminates the scene with her unmistakable voice. From the very first notes, a jazz club atmosphere is perceived, where Ornella Vanoni alternates a dialogue with the audience between legendary songs and music.

“Everything started from a chat with Paolo Fresu, – explains the singer – who told me that many very good pianists and guitarists had taken the stage at the Berchidda jazz festival… I said to myself: if they are so good why not make a group with any of these talented musicians? These girls – continues Ornella Vanoni – are truly exceptional and the fact that they are women is an added value. Being on stage together is beautiful”. A non-random choice for Ornella Vanoni that she has always been an extremely free and curious artist, on the side of women, who has always favored her emotion, thanks to a unique interpretative intensity that has made her famous throughout the world. Her is an intimate show of songs, music and words, with the songs that made her famous and some surprises, such as the self-portrait signed by her friend Renato Zero. (HANDLE).



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