Max Verstappen farewell to F1? He already has a proposal for the future

Max Verstappen farewell to F1? He already has a proposal for the future
Max Verstappen farewell to F1? He already has a proposal for the future
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The double world champion, Max Verstappen, has already won a lot in Formula 1 in the last two years. His career could continue in another category.

Max Verstappen has become the new iconic character of F1. In 2021 he wrote a page in the history of the premier category of Motorsport, interrupting the overwhelming domination of Mercedes. The Dutchman has conquered the beauty of 35 victories in 163 Grands Prix disputed, standing on the podium on 77 occasions. The turning point came when Jos’ son in the business climbed into the cockpit of the RB16B.

Max Verstappen F1 RB (Ansa Photo)

The #33, today number 1 on the grid, began to collect triumphs in rapid succession, putting an ace like Lewis Hamilton in crisis. After years in which he suffered heavy criticism for his exuberant style, Verstappen demonstrated extraordinary mental strength. Boundless talent had never been in question, but it had to be channeled into the right tracks. The team has bet decisively on the young man from Hasselt, placing him at the center of the technical project. After the saga of Sebastian Vettel and the triumphs of Daniel Ricciardo, the team based in Milton Keynes made a very important decision, giving even more confidence to the talented Dutchman.

Verstappen was able to manage the pressure in a masterful way in a championship fought until the last lap of the last Grand Prix. The 2021 championship will never be forgotten by F1 enthusiasts, having given us moments of absolute heroism. Lewis and Max fought with a knife between their teeth, even going beyond the limits at times. At Silverstone and at Monza there were two moments of absolute pathos, with two very dangerous clashes. In the end, also thanks to a sensational mistake by Michael Masi in Abu Dhabi, the Red Bull Racing driver won. The 10 victories of 2021 earned him his first world championship recognition. In 2022 MV33 had to struggle much less, despite a handicap start.

The exploits of the Reds with Leclerc didn’t intimidate the champion. Red Bull Racing started on the wrong foot, withdrawing at the inaugural round of the championship in Bahrain. Max, after his second DNF in Australia, had slipped to -46 from Monaco. He went as far as declaring that it would make no sense to look at the world rankings, considering the gap from the top but within a few races the trend changed. From Imola onwards, once the right team was found, Red Bull Racing began to lay down the law. Max won 15 out of 22 Grands Prix last season, as well as 2 Sprint Races.

Ferrari and Mercedes have not kept pace with the Milton Keynes-based team. The ride of Jos’s son in the art represented a shock to an environment tired of the Mercedes dominance, branded Lewis Hamilton. Max has become a crowd-puller. THEn Holland, many children have started racing on karts, trying to retrace the footsteps of the two world champion. For his part, Max has declared on more than one occasion that he does not want to reach the age of Hamilton and Alonso still in the circus. He started karting at an early age and, having earned huge sums of money, has no plans to spend another 15 years in F1.


One more option for Max Verstappen

As long as he is an integral part of the drink team, he has no desire to remove the number 1 from his livery. You could break many records in Formula 1 in the coming years. No one in history had ever managed to collect 15 Grands Prix in a single season. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel had stopped at 13. In Red Bull Racing there are all the right elements to open a cycle of victories. In addition to the most successful designer in F1 history, the team can rely on top technicians, strategists and mechanics. Sergio Perez is an experienced driver, but he’s not strong enough to worry the no.1. Max could win by storm in the next few years, but he also has other plans.

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Verstappen, in fact, would be enthusiastic about battling in the WEC, perhaps with Fernando Alonso in the team. The two respect each other very much and could participate in the Endurance challenges. For now, Max has demonstrated his talent in endurance racing on the simulator. The manager of the Redline team, Atze Kerkhof, believes that Max Verstappen is already among the top three in the world in sim racing. “The level is high in these Le Mans races – he reported to GPBlog the manager – the pilots are absolutely superstars. But Max is a superstar in his own right and he’ll have no problem adjusting to such a machineAnd”. Verstappen, retirement age already decided? He leaves a hint. The two-champion on the Red Bull penalty: hear what he predicts for 2023

Kerkhof thinks that also in terms of teamwork Max would be perfect for this type of racing in the future. “What he likes about endurance racing with the Redline team is working together with his teammates. He likes it a lot, it’s more a team thing, supporting each other, helping each other“, according to the team manager. Could it become his first commitment? He would certainly be less constrained in terms of travel than the very long F1 calendar.

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