Monte Rosa, the eternal second is the highest peak in Piedmont

Monte Rosa, the eternal second is the highest peak in Piedmont
Monte Rosa, the eternal second is the highest peak in Piedmont
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It is the largest mountain massif of the Alps: and the Monte Rosathe second in height after the Mont Blanc and one of the most spectacular in the Alpine chain. It is the highest peak of the Piedmont, since the White is located in Valle d’Aostaand also of the Swiss, as it is located on the border between the two countries. The massif, clearly visible from the plain on clear days, has not always had its current name. By the way, why is it called “pink”? The reason is obvious: it is not due to the color of the mountain, as we sometimes hear, but rather from the Latin word rosia, i.e. glacier.

In ancient times, however, it was also known by the name of Mons Silvius or Monboso. It has always been a crossing point, because its passes have attracted wayfarers since ancient times; however, it is true that the ascent to the Monte Rosa it was not easy, and the first to reach the summit were the mountaineers Valentino and Joseph Beck, Joseph Zumstein, Nicolas Vincent, Sebastian Linty, Étienne Lisco and François Castelwhich in 1778 reached the Rock of Discovery, at more than 4100 meters. The celebrated Punta Gnifetti, on the Italian-Swiss border, was joined by John Gnifetti in 1842, an exceptional climber: it was, in fact, the parish priest of Alagna Valsesia.

The shipment, consisting of Giuseppe Farinetti, Cristoforo Ferraris, Cristoforo Grober, brothers Giovanni, Giacobbe Giordani besides the same Gnifetti, he reached his destination on August 9, believing he had reached the highest peak of the massif. In fact, the top of the Monte Rosa was touched by John Birbeck, Charles Hudson, Ulrich Lauener, Christopher Smyth, James G. Smyth, Edward Stephenson, Matthäus Zumtaugwald and Johannes Zumtaugwald a few years later, on August 1, 1855: it is the Point Dufour, at 4634 meters above sea level, located today in Swiss territory.

Another famous ascension, that of a pope, is also worth mentioning: Achille Rattifuture Pius XI. In 1889, when he was still a simple priest, Rats he reached the top by inaugurating a new road, as he was the first to reach the top from the eastern wall. Pius XI, as a young man, he had in fact been a skilled mountaineer: he had climbed the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, the Gran Paradiso. The future pope’s participation in climbing the highest mountain in the Piedmont it is still well known in the local chronicles; and many mountaineers today try the path he first took, because the Monte Rosa it is a popular tourist destination, as its many peaks exceeding 4000 meters and its “Himalayan” walls make it one of the most suggestive mountains of the Alpine chain.

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At 4554 meters is the Queen Margherita hut, which was inaugurated on 18 August 1893 in the presence of the queen from whom it takes its name. Oh yes, even the most popular queen ofItaly climbed up to the top: even the queen ofItaly she was a mountain lover and her name is now linked to what is the highest alpine refuge inEurope. Another record of Monte Rosa.

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