Killer asbestos in the buses of Cotral Spa Lazio

Killer asbestos in the buses of Cotral Spa Lazio
Killer asbestos in the buses of Cotral Spa Lazio
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Rome, 9 January 2023 – Il Court of Rome condemned the Lazio transport company Cotral SpA to the compensation of damages against Stephen and Claudius, children Of Vincent Cecchini, line driver died at 59 years old for lung adenocarcinoma from asbestos,that they will receive a total of 157 thousand euros in compensation.

Snipers for over ten years he was a worker workshop workerthen driver for Cotral performing, over the years, also consistent tasks in the escalator maintenance of the stations Rome Metro which featured many asbestos components. How line driver has driven heavy vehiclesbuses and coaches again with various parts in asbestoswith exposure to asbestos dust and fibers. He was exposed, therefore, to the killer fiber, as well as a combustion residues, benzene And other carcinogens for the respiratory system, in absence of technical prevention and individual protection tools. The merciless diagnosis arrived in November 2010, the man died only 8 months later

on July 22, 2011.

To guide the conviction of the Labor judge, Valentina Cacacewas there judgment of the Court of Rome, confirmed on appeal in December 2022which condemns Cotral Spa to pay compensation of 78,714.03 euros for Laura Cristofanelliwidow of Cecchini and mother of Stefano and Claudio.

The office engineering consultants acknowledged “the existence of a link between occupational exposure and the onset of the diagnosed lung adenocarcinoma” to the victim, recalling the regulations that establish a whole series of measures that the employer must implement to preserve the health of his employees, specifying that “… one cannot fail to doubt the responsibility of the respondent company for the failure to adopt those precautions … which would have reduced the risk …”.

The Court of Rome recognizes for children, that at the time of their father’s disappearance they were 30 1 31 years oldas it was for the mother, also the psychic biological damage. Indeed, after the diagnosis Cecchini’s psycho-physical integrity has been compromised because he perceived lucidly the severity of the pathological picture And the approach of death.


It’s first convictions followed by the National Asbestos Observatory, of Cotral Spaafter that many of the asbestos workers were placed in early retirementalso thanks to the commitment of its President, Avv. Ezio Bonanniwhich notes: “it will not be possible to return their loved one to the family, but we have obtained justice and some peace”.

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