Garaguso | Primary students in the new school complex

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Tuesday 10 January 2023 – For the pupils of the primary school of Garaguso, the bell rang in the new complex in Piazza Europa when they returned after the Christmas holidays.
A very special day for the small town in the Matera area which saw the mayor gather in addition to the pupils and teaching and auxiliary staff Francesco Auletta and the parish priest don Joseph Abbate to “rejoice” together for an event that has been awaited for years.

The Mayor Frano Auletta and the parish priest don Giuseppe Abbate during the inauguration of the school

It was not a real inauguration, as the works of the entire school complex are to be completed in the coming months when there will also be the transfer of the students of the lower secondary school, currently guests of Palazzo Revertera.

“ We could not miss our message of best wishes to the boys on this “historic” day, Mayor Auletta began. Finally after so many years this morning the ground floor opens for primary school and in a few months the second floor will be open for lower secondary students.
I would like to thank everyone, each one for their role of responsibility, starting with the school director Dr. Elena Labbate, the teachers, the ATA staff, the municipal employees, the councilors, for the synergy put in place aimed at protecting the physical and mentality of our boys.”

With a prayer, the parish priest wanted not only to bless the environments but also to wish the children a bright future that can pass right from these school benches.
On the blackboards in the classrooms the sentence stood out: Today, after a long period of vacation, we returned to school with a wonderful novelty: the new school”
“Our hope, after having already inaugurated the gym a few weeks ago – concluded the Mayor – is to complete the entire complex as soon as possible, which will also include a canteen and an auditorium”.

The headteacher is also satisfied Elena Labbate who addressed his message of good wishes to the pupils in particular “be the custodians of the new school, love and respect it responsibly and above all be active protagonists, together with your teachers, in building your future and that of the Garaguso community”.

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