no race, the prosecutor investigates

no race, the prosecutor investigates
no race, the prosecutor investigates
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PALERMO – The Public Prosecutor’s Office is also moving. The event organized and paid for by the Sicilian Region at the Cannes film festival ends up under investigation by the Palermo prosecutor Maurizio de Lucia and the deputy Sergio Demontis.

We are moving towards the opening of a new file, or an inquiry into the expenditure of funds for tourism already existed and is enriched by the chapter on La Croisette. The investigations become three. Two from the judiciary – accounting and ordinary – and one within the Region. Governor Renato Schifani asked the Councilor for Tourism Francesco Paolo Scarpinato for clarification.

It is true that everything “is part of a three-year plan carried out by the last government” (the commissioner was Manlio Messina) – said Schifani – but “the adoption of these measures has escaped the junta’s submission”. In short, the regional government “ignored” the matter and Schifani asked Scarpinato for the documents. Which for his part is said to be certain that there have been no anomalies.

The Prosecutor of the Court of Auditors of the Sicilian Region, led by Pino Zingale, in recent days has opened a file on “Sicily, Women and Cinema” which should publicize the island, also with a photographic exhibition, at the next festival. The accountant prosecutors look at the facts from the point of view of any tax damage. For this year’s event, 3.7 million euros will be spent, in addition to the 2.2 spent last year.

The ordinary prosecutors are instead interested in entrusting the organization of the event with a negotiated procedure, and therefore without a public tender, to Absolute Blue, a Luxembourg company. Absolute Blue is the exclusive owner of the “Woman and Cinema” format.


Is this enough to justify the direct assignment to the company headed by Patrick Nassogne, about whose consistency there are those who raise doubts? These are not the only regional expenditures linked to tourism promotion that the pool of magistrates dealing with crimes against the public administration would investigate. Other events have already attracted the attention of the judiciary.

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The case, therefore, is both political (Schifani defined it as “a fact that I would have preferred not to have happened”) and judicial-accounting.

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