Abruzzo Airport, Marsilio, goal of one million passengers – Abruzzo

Abruzzo Airport, Marsilio, goal of one million passengers – Abruzzo
Abruzzo Airport, Marsilio, goal of one million passengers – Abruzzo
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President of the Region, over 10 million to make the airport competitive

(ANSA) – PESCARA, 09 JAN – Positive numbers for Abruzzo Airport, back to the numbers of the period before the pandemic: in 2022 there were 715,690 passengers, beating the 2019 figure, the year of greatest expansion, with 703,386 transits, increase of 1.7%. The summer season drove the numbers upwards which, thanks to 19 connections, yielded 543,131 transits, compared to 482,350, a growth of 12.60%. The best month was August: 88,164 people passed through. Lowest passenger month January, 19,878 passengers, with anti-Covid regulations in place. Satisfied the president of the Abruzzo Region Marco Marsilio. “I am happy for these numbers that we didn’t expect in this size. And instead the historical record has arrived. With the budget maneuver we have given Saga the means to increase the numbers and reach one million passengers in at least two years, to have full sustainability and self-sufficiency.

I take this opportunity to explain that we have spent the resources available for Abruzzo Airport. The Saga with Aric has done its part. We are talking about the fire prevention adjustment for 1.9 million euros; of the intervention for lengthening the runway 4.5 million; completion of the cargo area for over 2 million; adaptation of buildings for 200 thousand euros; adaptation of access infrastructures for 700 thousand euros. We are talking about over 10 million that we spend to make the airport more competitive. We will also work on the fog problem with new technology.

We recall that years ago there was a risk of closure due to inadequacy of the fire system”.

“We have reached an all-time high – said Vittorio Catone, president of Saga, the management company – the low numbers of the first three months of 2022 were offset by those of the remaining nine months. We are working to improve the data.

The Region, the first investor and majority shareholder, has played a great role in this growth. The results achieved are the result of teamwork”. As for the problems related to the fog, Cato said: “There were some problems and we will eventually work with the tender economies to intervene during the contextual works to lengthen the runway “.


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