Polfer’s activities in Campania in 2022: over 90 arrests, around 1,500 high penalties

Polfer’s activities in Campania in 2022: over 90 arrests, around 1,500 high penalties
Polfer’s activities in Campania in 2022: over 90 arrests, around 1,500 high penalties
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Over 400,000 people checkedwith an increase of 30% compared to 2021. 95 arrests and 450 subjects under investigation: this is the very first end-of-year balance sheet of the controls of the railway police in Campania.

There are also many kidnappings: 10 weapons of which 8 for cutting and 2 improper as well as beyond 200 grams of cocaine and cannabinoids.

During the year, 12,902 patrols were employed in the station and 1,777 on board the train and a total of 3,444 railway trains were attended. In addition, 2,000 anti-pickpocketing services in civilian clothes were set up, both in stations and on trains.

1,482 administrative fines imposed, 574 of which relating to railway safety.

34 people were tracked down at the station, including 18 minors, unaccompanied, returned to their families or placed in the community.

Most recently in the first week of September, two spouses of 67 and 51whose disappearance had also been reported through the well-known television program “Chi l’ha visto?”, found after 8 days by the staff of Posto Polfer in Campi Flegrei.


In this case, the attention of the policemen who noticed the similarity with the photos posted on the net was decisive, recalling that in the research note it was specified that the man was visually impaired.

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On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, a call came from a desperate father who had forgotten his daughter’s backpack in the station toilets, inside which the girl kept a puppet that had been given to her during a hospitalization to which she was very fond. Immediately, the operator of the Operations Room, who is first and foremost also a father of three children, understood the importance of finding it and, immediately sending a patrol, allowed it to be found in order to return it to the girl, whose “thank you” reward of the many sacrifices that this job often entails.

The anti-war activity is also very important copper theft, which in the railway sector often cause delays in train circulation and considerable inconvenience for travellers. Checks at metal collection and recovery centers (367 companies inspected) and in patrol services of the railway lines, with the recovery of over 20,000 kg of the so-called “red gold” of illicit origin, the arrest of 2 people and the denunciation of 28 subjects.

Great impetus also to the activity aimed at preventing and combating anomalous behavior in the railway sector, including rail crossingoften the cause of repercussions on the safety of railway transport and in some cases also of railway accidents (574 fines reported) and the phenomenon, sadly widespread among very young people, of position yourself on the tracks for fun or as a challenge, to take a selfie, ignoring the dangers present in the railway environment.

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