Shop closes in Friuli, ‘lack of people willing to work’ – Chronicle

Shop closes in Friuli, ‘lack of people willing to work’ – Chronicle
Shop closes in Friuli, ‘lack of people willing to work’ – Chronicle
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(ANSA) – VALVASONE, 02 JAN – “With great regret we find ourselves obliged to communicate that we are suspending the activity of the Valvasone shop, because even just working on Saturday seems to be an insurmountable problem for the candidates”. This is the announcement that appeared on New Year’s Eve in the windows of a Cospalat shop in Valvasone Arzene (Pordenone). A “provocative” sign – as explained by the cheese shop – posted to denounce the difficulty in finding collaborators willing to work. An action that, however, has raised some controversy.

“We are looking for two people to keep the business open – a Cospalat councilor explained to Il Gazzettino – but we can’t find them. The assignment we offer consists of a sales assistant’s job”.

The company also specified that “you don’t see any young people: under 30 they don’t show up at all. The applications are almost exclusively represented by over 50s. Then the problems begin: working on Saturdays is not good, starting the shift at eight is too early, the journeys are too long.That’s why we wanted to provoke with that sign.

It may be a coincidence, but since the message appeared I have received three phone calls”.

The mayor of Valvasone Arzene, Markus Maurmair, takes a different opinion: “We should provide all the necessary information – he noted – (guaranteed salaries, adequate working environment, such as the temperatures of the premises and ability to manage personnel) before making such statements heavy. For years, the business has been operating above all thanks to the good will of the people who work there. I wouldn’t want it to be a sort of justification for a preventive closure connected to the fact that another similar business will soon open nearby”.




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