Autonomy, Calderoli’s text frightens oppositions and unions: “This is how the country splits”. Bonaccini is also against it. And from FdI everything is silent

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rejoice the Leaguethey all protest oppositions hey labor unionsthe rest of the is silent majority. It has now been four days since the minister Robert Calderoli he deposited his text on Autonomy at Palazzo Chigi, a framework law for agreements between the State and the territories which is in fact a great gift to the North. It was even scandalized Stephen Bonaccinicandidate for the leadership of the Pd but above all governor ofEmilia Romagna which together with Lombardy and Veneto it promoted the path towards differentiated autonomy. Calderoli’s proposal “splits the country”, said Bonaccini. But more than protests against, with eg Joseph Conte that talks about the project “wicked“, makes a noise the silence of Brothers of Italy. No one in the party that leads the majority has commented on Calderoli’s text since it was deposited at Palazzo Chigi. Neither Georgia Melonswhose last declaration on regional autonomy dates back to last year December 5th: “Differentiated autonomy will never be a pretext for to leave behind some parts of the Italian territory”, the prime minister promised when speaking at the ‘L’Italia delle Regioni’ event.

However, the framework law filed by his minister for regional affairs and autonomies seems to be going well in a completely different directionbetween contractual agreements and difficult to correct, the Parliament weakened by Dpcm and above all an equalization fund without an extra euro for the disadvantaged areas. A gift to the North and above all to the League, which needs to keep relations between those in Rome at bay (Matteo Salvini) and who rules over the territories (Luca Zaia). In fact, both the secretary and the governor reacted with enthusiasm, but the words of the Northern League remained the only exaltation. The rest of politics and the social partners instead perceived Calderoli’s text as an attempt to split Italy. And there is another aspect strongly criticized by trade unions and oppositions: the framework law that arrived at Palazzo Chigi was not subject to comparison in the Conference State-Regions. “My hope is that the law can come out of the Council of Ministers with preliminary approval and then be sent in Unified conference in January and that for January may be approved as law proposalwe are not talking about a decree law, which will then have to be discussed by Parliament, Calderoli replied today as he met journalists with the president of Calabria Roberto Occhiuto at the end of a series of institutional meetings had in Region.

And the first form of blatant protest took place in Calabria: the general secretary of the CGIL of Calabria, Married Angeland its counterpart from Uil Calabria, Holy Blonddid not show up for the meeting between Eyey and Minister Calderoli. “His proposal divides the country even more, increasing the inequalities“, attacked Sposato, explaining the reasons for the lack of response to the invitation in the Region: “We will oppose in any form, however, the attempts to introduce rules that increase the gaps in the country and push the South even further south”. Only Tony Russosecretary of Cisl Calabria, decided to meet Calderoli, but warned him: “It is a priority to define the Essential levels of performancefrom health care to other services, which must be the same for everyone, so that in the Republic, one and indivisible, there are no territories of ‘A league‘ and of ‘B series‘ and social rights are guaranteed to every citizen, wherever he lives. As we ask a fair distribution of resources for all areas of the country”.

There rejection louder, however, came from Bonacciniwho instead wanted differentiated autonomy and carried it forward together with the League and the North: “The good autonomy for the Regions and Municipalities is that which frees up potential, reduces the bureaucracy and simplifies the life of citizens and businesses, in compliance with the Constitution. And it is an autonomy that does not penalize the South – because it doesn’t touch spending – and that doesn’t split the country like the one that the Government is proposing: a forcing that puts social security at risk of our lands”, the governor of Emilia-Romagna wrote on Facebook. Among the first to protest there was obviously also another president of the Pd region, Michele Emilianwho defined the framework law signed by Calderoli as “a real deed hostile“. “If Minister Calderoli or President Meloni believe they are proceeding on the issue of autonomy by dint of rip and lack of shares, they will find themselves against an important piece of the country”, adds the governor of Puglia. For Emiliano, it is “an institutional attitude unacceptablewhich goes hand in hand with the government’s decision to set up, with the recently approved Finance Act, a Commission for determining the The P which deprives Parliament and the State-Regions Conference of the possibility of discussing and reiterating that the prerequisite for starting to discuss autonomy is to bridge the gap between north and southallocating the financial resources necessary to re-equip the Essential Performance Levels”.


In addition to the Democratic Party, the M5swith President Conte who warned in his message on social media at the end of the year: the majority “intends to expand the inequalities which already divide the north and south of the country” and “he intends split Italy and to make a national community run at two speeds which instead in difficulties has learned to be united and to hold hands”. Conte added: “It’s not words, it’s not rhetoric: I’ve experienced it firsthand. As a young student, when I came to Rome from a small town in Puglia to seek my professional and life path. But also as Prime Minister, in the toughest moments of the pandemic. When so many doctors and health workers left from southern regions without hesitation to help colleagues already on the front line intensive therapies of the North. This is what we are, a community of destiny: if someone falls, the others help them get up instead sink it or – worse – ignore it”.

And for once the chorus of criticisms of the government has also been added Action. In particular the two former members of Forza Italia, Mara Carfagna and Maria Stella Gelmini. “On differentiated autonomy, Minister Calderoli continues to deliberately ignore the majority elementary grammar institutional. Having sent the text of the bill directly to the Presidency of the Council, therefore without first providing for the necessary institutional discussion with the Regions, confirms the unacceptable arrogance of an inadequate minister, clearly biased, who does not want a reform in the interest of all but a de facto secession for the benefit of a few,” said Carfagna. The reform “first had to be shared with the Parliament”, underlined Gelmini a The messenger. While the two former party colleagues go on the attack, even in Come on Italy everything is silent on the framework law of the autonomy desired by the League. The knots in the majority, however, will have to come home to roost, now that Calderoli will begin his pressing to bring the text into cabinet.

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