‘In Campania with a lady, maybe it was Gloria’

‘In Campania with a lady, maybe it was Gloria’
‘In Campania with a lady, maybe it was Gloria’
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When there is one week left until the return to Canale 5 of Men and womena report is circulating on social networks about Richard Guarnieri. The expert of Gossip Deianeira Marzano spokesperson for the story of a fan who in recent days would have come across the knight of the Throne Over: the Apulian was spotted and photographed in Sparanisein Campania, together with a lady who should be Gloria Nicoletti. According to these updates, therefore, the frequentation between the two protagonists of the dating show would be continuing for the best even during the holidays.

Updates on the protagonist of Men and Women

Riccardo will be one of the leading characters in the 2023 cast of the Throne Over of Men and Women: since Ida Platano left the program, Maria De Filippi has been giving different space to Guarnieri and her new acquaintances. In the last month, in particular, the rider has been the protagonist of a push and pull with Glorythe only person with whom he has tried to go beyond physical attraction.

The advances some episodes that were recorded between Christmas and New Year speak of a closure and then of a reconciliation between the two: Nicoletti, in fact, first refused the Tarantino’s invitation to dinner to meet a suitor named Umberto, then he changed his mind and he decided to give yet another chance to the ex.

Knowledge outside the studies of Men and Women

As proof of the fact that between the lady and the knight of the Throne Over everything would proceed swimmingly, there is a reporting that Deianira Marzano shared on her Instagram profile on January 1st.

The influencer showed followers a photo that a fan surreptitiously took of Richard and to a woman seen from behind: “Here he is with a lady in Sparanise”.

That Guarnieri has recently been in Campania is confirmed by another image that Deianira also posted on social networks, adding: “As you can see, it was really him and maybe he was with Gloria“.

In short, according to these photographs, the “couple” Riccardo-Gloria would have spent the New Years weekend in a small town in Campania that is unfamiliar to either of them: he is from Taranto and she is from Rome.


More information about it should arrive in the next few days, when one will be registered new episode of Men and Women and the previews will also leak out on the talked about Guarnieri and his latest flame.

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The doubts of the presenter of Men and Women

The relationship between Richard and Glory is at the center of the dynamics of the latest episodes of Men and Women: last December 29, for example, Maria De Filippi revealed doubts about the interest that Guarnieri says he feels for the lady, so much so that she goes so far as to speak of a ” possession” rather than a feeling on his part.

The protagonist of Throne Over, however, does not listen to anyone and continues to get to know the knight who has been making her heart beat for more than a month: despite the various closures by both, the Apulian and the Roman continue to go out together for try to figure out if love can be born between them or not.

Even the pundits of the dating-show feed some perplexity on Riccardo’s involvement in Gloria: Gianni and Tina, in fact, have repeatedly said that according to them the Taranto has not yet forgotten Ida and that for this reason he is unable to carry on a stable relationship with anyone. He denies everything and says he is ready to move on, just like his ex-girlfriend did for a couple of months now, when she decided to leave the program with Alessandro after an ups and downs.


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