F1, Schumacher or Hamilton? Here is the big difference between the two

F1, Schumacher or Hamilton? Here is the big difference between the two
F1, Schumacher or Hamilton? Here is the big difference between the two
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Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are the most successful drivers in F1 history, but who is the best? Here’s how they stood out.

A doubt that has been hovering among F1 fans for some time is difficult to resolve: Lewis Hamilton is superior to Michael Schumacher after overtaking him in terms of overall victories and pole positions? The answer, of course, is not obvious, but it is clear that we are dealing with two amazing phenomena, which have both changed the sport in their own way.

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton (ANSA)

However, while sharing the impressive figure of seven world titles apiece, the two are separated by some unavoidable differences, which allow us to express a more balanced judgment. To talk about the individual “strength” of the pilot, it is also necessary to take into consideration the eras in which they raced and the career situations they had to face.

F1 is made up of very different periods, and there are those who are willing to bet that the best of all was Jim Clark, hero of the sixties who tragically died in Hockenheim. For others, Ayrton Senna is the absolute number 1, but today’s comparison will be based on the most successful in statistical terms, and by giving a general overview we will try to understand who can be considered superior to the other.

F1, here’s who is stronger between Schumacher and Hamilton

The main difference between Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, both F1 legends, is the kind of approach they had going to the team that made them more successful. The Kaiser of Kerpen accepted a colossal challenge, namely that of moving into Ferrari from two-time world champion, following two titles won on the Benettons.

The German decided to go to the most glorious but least successful team of that period. F1 of the eighties and nineties was dominated by McLaren and Williamshegemony that the Kaiser and the Benettons they managed to break up in 1994 and 1995. Michael was called to Maranello by Jean Todt and Luca Cordero di Montezemoloand in two years he managed to bring the Cavallino back into the fight for the world championship.

We all know the epilogue of the 1997 season, and that of the following year too was mocking, with Jacques Villeneuve before and Mika Hakkinen then they managed to become world champions. Schumacher then he was hit by the misfortune of the terrible accident at Silverstone in 1999, which forced him to give up the world championship battle against the Finn.

The time was now ripe to win this championship which had been missing from Maranello for 21 years, and in 2000 one of the most dominant eras in history began, which led him to win five consecutive titles. Schumacher he accepted an epic challenge, completing it in the best possible way, getting up after every mockery and managing to become stronger and stronger.


Hamilton ran his first years in the Circus with the McLarenbecoming world champion in 2008. Subsequently, the Woking team began to lose ground, and the Briton decided to switch to Mercedes in 2013. A year later, the native of Stevenage immediately had a torpedo in his hands, capable of disintegrating the competition and making him become a legend.

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By this we don’t mean that Sir Lewis became world champion seven times by chance or just because of the car, but there is no doubt that Schumacher had to rebuild a team in disarray, giving up other probable titles with the Benettonsbut they would not have had the same value.

Also, about the career of Hamilton there will always be a small stain, namely that of the title lost in 2016 against the teammate, ie Nico Rosberg. Most people are convinced that it was all the fault of the engine that exploded in Malaysia, but few remember all the mistakes Sir Lewis made that season, especially in the starting stages.

Rosberg he was certainly not a pilot of little value, but neither was this stratospheric phenomenon. Sir Lewis never digested that defeat, as well as the withdrawal that came immediately after the title for the German, which thus didn’t give him the chance to find his revenge.

Another detail to underline is that relating to the finals in the sprint. Both in 2016 and 2021, which are the only drawn championships that have seen the protagonist Hamilton in the hybrid era, they have been lost, first with Rosberg and then with the Red Bull Of Max Verstappen. Both seasons saw him suffer a loss to a matched machine Mercedeswhile in the two-year period 1997-1998, Schumacher he already performed a miracle in playing it all the way, touching an enterprise that would have been epochal.

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