Fine from Naples for a Quartese merchant. But he never left the shop

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End of the year gift for Franco Ziri, 60, owner of the historic Caria clothing store between via Vittorio Emanuele and via La Marmora in Quartu Sant’Elena.

In recent days, browsing through e-mail, he found himself in front of a certainly unwelcome pec. All for him, and above all to be paid, within five days to get a reduction and in any case quickly before the penalties are activated, a fine for leaving the car parked above the pedestrian crossing.

So far nothing strange. Too bad, however, that the sanction was signed by the local police of Naples for a stop in via Bagnoli on November 24, 2022. But Ziri has never been to Naples. And above all certainly not that Thursday 24 November when as every day he was in his place in the shop to welcome customers.

So now, even after the five days to get the reduction between unsuccessful attempts to speak with the local Neapolitan police, it is ready to appeal to the Justice of the Peace. Not so much for the figure which is not very high, 92.50 euros, but for all the inconvenience that follows and above all «because it is not fair to have to pay for such an error. Let them show me that I was in Naples that day».

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