age, origins, private life, family

age, origins, private life, family
age, origins, private life, family
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To participate in “MasterChef Italia 12” Letizia Borri resigned from her job. Determined to follow her passion for cooking, we discover her journey: from age to family, from origins to boyfriend, from hobbies to recipes.

Origins, age, family

Letizia Borri was born in Carpi (province of Modena) 25 years ago. When she was still a child, her parents divorced her, but while she had discreet relations with her mother, the same could not be said for her father and she hadn’t heard from him for a long time. Letizia, on the other hand, is very close to her grandparents whom she considers “real parents”: her passion for cooking is largely due to her grandmother Maria Grazia.

Work, hobby, boyfriend

In order to participate in MasterChef Italia, Letizia Borri resigned from her job as a social-health worker in hospitals, psychiatric clinics and centers for the disabled. The competitor from Carpi has many passions among which yoga and music stand out: she loves to sing and plays the guitar and piano. For some time she lived with her boyfriend but, her story wrecked, she now lives with Giacomo, her younger brother.

The kitchen and MasterChef

As for cooking, Letizia is very curious, she reads many recipe books and loves to experiment using exotic and oriental ingredients. Her signature dish is beer chicken and Kakuni. With MasterChef she wants to start a journey in a world that she really loves, while not forgetting her past experiences: her dream is to open a creative cooking laboratory for disabled kids. She considers herself selfless, but also determined and combative.

The competitors of MasterChef Italia 12

The other competitors of the twelfth edition of “MasterChef Italia” are: Antonio Gargiulo (19 years old); Edoardo Franco (26 years old); Francesco Girardi (33); Francesco Saragò (29); Giuseppe Carlone (43); Ivana Santomo (60); Laura Manili (31); Lavinia Scotto (22); Francesca Filippone (39); Leonardo Colavito (20); Luciana Battistini (74); Mattia Tagetto (38); Nicola Longanesi (20); Ollivier Stemberg (45); Rachele Rossi (34); Roberto Resta (34); Sara Messaoudi (27); Silvia Zummo (56); Thi Hue Dihn (27).

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