Andrea Dovizioso, a sensational confession arrives: the dig shakes the MotoGP

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Andrea Dovizioso, a former historic motorcyclist who has recently left professional racing, has launched this dig aimed in particular at his old stable.

We are about to conclude a really complicated year for Andrea Dovizioso. The centaur from Forlimpopoli, one of the greatest Italian talents in the motorcycle world, has in fact decided to leave the world of professional racing.

Andrea Dovizioso –

Dovizioso in the last MotoGP season he had a lot of problems with the Yamaha. Joining the Japanese team was preferred to a surprising engagement with Aprilia.

Not by chance the ‘Dovi’ he chose to abandon the world of motorcycling already during the current season, after several disappointing placements and evidently declining motivations. Today Dovizioso deals with motocross and decided to leave behind a career full of regrets for missed victories.

Dovizioso removes a few pebbles from his shoe: “Bad relationship at Ducati”

Most runs in career Andrea Dovizioso he made them riding the Ducati, the important and historic Italian motor racing team. Good placements and talent exploded on the bike from the province of Bologna.

Dovizioso in Ducati –

In the recent interview given to the German magazine motorsport magazine, Dovizioso did not hide some problematic series that led him to leave Ducati in 2020: “When a relationship ends like this it’s always a shame, also because I’m a person who tries to have a good relationship with everyone. But in this case, unfortunately, it ended badly. But I want to clarify that I don’t have a bad relationship with Ducati as a company, I have a bad relationship with some people at Ducati. It’s different”.

So the former motorcycle racer does not hide that he has had less than idyllic quarrels and confrontations with various personalities within Ducati. Reason why, after an excellent 4th place finish in the 2020 world championship, Dovizioso decided to flee literally from the Emilian team.

Many regrets in his career: “I definitely have regrets in my career, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. There are always things that could have been done better. But overall I am satisfied with my career and my life: over the years I have met many people who have great respect for me“.

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Dovizioso’s results in his MotoGP career

A huge talent that of Andrea Dovizioso in the motorcycle world. In fact, the rider from Romagna had already made himself known and appreciated in the 125 classwhen at the age of 18 in the 2004 season he managed to win the world title in this category riding the Honda.

Too bad that in MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycling, Dovizoso has never managed to repeat the title. But he came very close on several occasions: his personal palmarès speaks for itself three second places in the drivers’ standingsin 2017, 2018 and 2019 with his Ducati.

Perhaps the biggest regret of the Dovi dates back to the 2017 world championship. In that season, the Italian rider fought for the final victory almost to the last minute with Marc Marquez, remaining paired with Spanish for more than half a year. However, the bad results in the Australian and Valencian Grands Prix took the dream out of Dovizioso’s hands.

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