Suicides in prison: Foggia the institute with the most deaths, Lombardy the Region with the most deaths. The complaint of the Penitentiary Police. –

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In the horrible year of suicides in prison (84 prisoners in total, of which 5 women, to which are added 5 prison officers) the penitentiary institute of Foggia with 5 suicides is the one with the highest number of prisoners who have removed themselves the life; to follow with 4 suicides Florence Sollicciano, Milan San Vittore, Regina Coeli-Rome and Turin.

At the regional level, Lombardy is the region with the highest suicides (17) to which must be added 9 deaths from other causes; followed by Sicily (10 plus 5 for other deaths) and Puglia (10 plus 3); Lazio (7 plus 3) and Emilia Romagna (7), Campania (6 plus 7) and Piedmont (5 plus 1). These are crude statistical data – comments the general secretary of the Penitentiary Police Union (SPP) Aldo Di Giacomo – who photograph what has become the year of the “state massacre” for deaths in cells with an unprecedented number for a total of 203 deaths albeit from different causes which in some cases have not yet been reported.

All this while the age of suicide prisoners is decreasing (the average is over 40 with many over 30s and 40% of deaths are non-EU citizens) proving that young people, together with drug addicts and those with mental problems are the most fragile and vulnerable with over 50% of suicides.

Unfortunately – he says By James – throughout 2022 we only listened to political commitments and statements from old and new parliamentarians and government officials without passing from words of emotion (even sincere) or generic and circumstantial words, almost always the same, to deeds. To the point of producing a sort of addiction and reducing cell suicide to a few lines on the local news page because it is no longer news. With the new year we expect that the good resolutions to stop the “slaughter of the state”, of that state that has human lives in custody and should therefore guarantee them, will not end up like those of 2022. It is legitimate after 84 deaths to ask to identify responsibility for the previous circular on suicides which proved to be bankrupt, such as the task force set up by the then Minister of Justice, Cartabia?

After all, it’s too easy – he continues By James – proceed with the classic ‘pass the barrel’ of responsibilities despite knowing that neither supervisors nor directors have the human (psychiatrists, psychologists) and financial resources, tools and structures to intervene. Even the announcements for the construction of new pavilions leave the time they find while Minister Nordio is thinking about the recovery of old barracks, not a new idea that still requires money and a long time to implement.

This silent slaughter must end with concrete measures and actions because the State takes charge of the lives of the prisoners and is responsible for them. Listen to the proposals of the prison police union which deals with the suicide emergency on a daily basis and start the budget maneuver by remedying the cost cut imposed on the prison administration and staff as the first concrete sign of willingness to face the numerous emergencies of prison”.

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