A year of changes in politics: the new faces in government, in Sicily and in Palermo

A year of changes in politics: the new faces in government, in Sicily and in Palermo
A year of changes in politics: the new faces in government, in Sicily and in Palermo
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The year of the treble. And no, we are not talking about Mourinho’s great Inter in 2010. This time the term, purely football, can be associated with politics, in particular with the great ride of the centre-right. Which in less than 12 months has conquered everything, from Palazzo Chigi to Palazzo dei Normanni, also imposing itself at Palazzo delle Aquile.

In the background, a 2022 with many faces: that of the Covid emergency, that of war and that of the consequent speculation on energy prices. The already precarious balance is revealed to be even more fragile with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Suddenly, Vladimir Putin steals the covers of newspapers around the world that until a few days before had eyes only for Sars-cov-2.

And just as quickly in Italy the “government of the best” falls, which is led by a figure of great international importance such as Mario Draghi ends up sucked in by the slow and inexorable approach of a fiery election campaign until the landslide election of Giorgia Meloni. Almost by a twist of fate, he thought about giving the coup de grace to super Mario Joseph Conte. From victim to perpetrator. The pretext is provided by the waste-to-energy plant announced by the new mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. The country’s summer, already hotter and hotter due to the soaring temperatures, is projected at the speed of light in a scorching climate.

Suddenly even Sicily decides to join the umpteenth coup offered by politics with the resignation of its governor, Nello Musumecinow Minister for Civil Protection and Marine Policies, for some time on a collision course with his own majority.

The island had already been the protagonist in June for the municipal elections and was preparing to bid farewell to one of its main actors, Leoluca Orlando. A great protagonist of the Palermo political scene, the former mayor sat for five terms on the highest bench of Palazzo delle Aquile. About 22 years of government, which make him, to date, the longest-lived mayor of the Sicilian capital. An era that has always been characterized by the fight against the mafia since his first mandate (1985-1990), always renamed as The Spring of Palermo: in the twenty-two years of city government, Orlando has tried to project Palermo in a more European vision, giving way, in the last mile of his adventure, to the works of the tram, to the pedestrianizations and to many initiatives, among the various “The way of the treasures”, which have led to the rediscovery of the most beautiful part of the city and reconstituted an image international worthy of the beauties that the capital has to offer.


But all that glitters is not gold, so whoever inherited it on 13 June, the former rector of the University of Palermo and former regional councilor for education and professional training, Robert Lagalla, kicking off the center-right’s first of three victories. Lagalla had to take over a very heavy inheritance, made up of accounts to put back in their place, 1300 coffins to be given worthy burial and peace and a waste problem that has perhaps never reached these worrying heights. And while Palermo rolls up its sleeves, the centre-right, strengthened by the victory obtained at the Palazzo delle Aquile, unites after various skirmishes behind the name of Renato Schifani.

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Sicily is the protagonist of the electoral campaign: Renzi, Calenda, Letta, Salvini, Meloni, Conte, descend several times to support the sprint of their men, and themselves, in a chaotic and perhaps never so short and concentrated challenge, match August and with the day circled in red on the calendar as 25 September. Bridge over the strait, Pnrr, basic income and expensive energy are the themes that distinguish the convulsive political race, which ended with a guide branded with the tricolor flame.

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