In Pesaro vs Sassari the former players are Robinson and Piero Bucchi

In Pesaro vs Sassari the former players are Robinson and Piero Bucchi
In Pesaro vs Sassari the former players are Robinson and Piero Bucchi
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There Carpegna Pesaro Ham, winner on the last day on the Brindisi parquet, hosts the Bank of Sardinia Sassarireturning from the success in last day’s postponement against Scafati.

Where to see it: Sunday 27 November 2022 at 18.30, Eleven Sports

Referees: Manuel Mazzoni, Denny Borgioni, Andrea Valzani


In the 32 matches already played between VL and Sassari there have been 22 victories for Dinamo.

The balance of victories in the matches played in Pesaro is 8-7 for the hosts.

In the last ten league matches there have been 8 victories for Banco di Sardegna.


There are 34 precedents between the two coaches Jasmin Repesa and Piero Bucchi, with 22 wins by the coach from Pesaro against 12 by the coach from Sassari.

Jasmin Repesa has won 4 of the last 5 games played against teams coached by Piero Bucchi.

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Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro – Matteo Tambone is unavailable due to a trauma to his right wrist with a fractured radius.
Carlos Delfino is carrying out a differentiated work program due to the flare-up of a tendinopathy in the tibialis posterior of his right foot.


Banco di Sardegna Sassari – Gerald Robinson played a total of 9 matches at Carpegna Prosciutto in the 2020/21 season, including the 2021 Coppa Italia final.
Piero Bucchi coached in Pesaro in the 2016/17 season until March 2017, gaining 7 victories in 21 games.


Piero Bucchi, Banco di Sardegna Sassari coach: “The team benefited from the victory against Scafati to shake off tensions and toxins: as I said after the match, it was a game played with energy, with a good desire to be together, pass the ball and defend. The team was very compact and it is an important signal. We have changed face, the inclusion of Deshawn Stephens has brought positivity and energy and the group has moved with spirit and sharing. The energies of this victory have been projected into this week’s good training sessions and now we are preparing for the match against Pesaro: I am very serene because I see good intensity. Now we have to be good at transferring what we do well during the week into the match.”

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