Organic certification, a CSQA qualification course in Sant’Onofrio

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CSQA promotes a training course in Calabria aimed at preparing specialized technicians

In Sant’Onofrio (Vibo Valentia), in the Calabrian headquarters of CSQA extensionthe main agro-food certification body in Italy, a qualification course starts on 14 December for technical inspector of vegetable agricultural production and organic transformation.

Agriculture in Calabria

“We address individuals with a university degree or second-level secondary school diploma who have connections with the control activities of organic productions,” he says. Maurice Augustineteacher of the course and CSQA contact person for Southern Italy, expert in organic production, with over ten years of experience in the control and certification of organic agriculture -. The target audience – he continues – they are: graduates in agricultural sciences, food science and technology, veterinary medicine, biology, aquaculture and fish production hygiene, animal production sciences, or agricultural experts, agrotechnicians, food specialists and equivalent diplomas.

“It certainly is an opportunity for specialization that can be used immediately in the world of work – comments Agostino – and which can be exercised in the world of companies that produce organic products and which must be certified to enter the product range with the characteristics that this type of certification requires».

In Calabria and beyond, agro-food companies are growing which pay attention to the process of cultivation, production and placing on the market of organic-labelled foods and which protect the consumer by guaranteeing a short and sustainable supply chain, that of controller technician is therefore an increasingly requested figure on the labor market.

In Calabria in 2021 10,400 agri-food operators were subjected to checks, with a growth of almost 3% compared to the previous year.

The agricultural area cultivated with organic methods in our region it reaches 197,165 hectares, up by 2% on 2020 and represent over 34% of the utilized agricultural area in Calabria.

More than a third of our crops (i.e. olive trees, citrus fruits, vines and arable land) are organic. It is a datum that poses Calabria in first place in Italy.

The course, which will take place in twenty hours, intends to promote basic knowledge on the principles and methods of organic farming and on the regulatory framework of the sector, including agricultural, zootechnical and organic product transformation practices; knowledge of international and community standards and national and regional laws in the sector; the learning and ability to put into practice the methodologies for the examination, investigation and evaluation of organic crop production and processing companies and the preparation of related audit reports.

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Current principles and regulations of organic agriculture in Italy and in Europe for the production and transformation of organic agriculture and food, up to the control and certification system, passing through the obligations to which producers are subject, are the main subjects of study that will be developed during the three training days.

The course will take place on 14, 15, 16 December 2022; at the CSQA headquarters in via Raffaele Teti, 73 – 89843 Sant’Onofrio VV; from 9 to 18.

All info information on how to enroll and attend the course can be found on the website:

Contacts: CSQA Training Center | Tel. 0445 313015; Fax 0445 313070 | E-mail: [email protected]

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