Marche University Hospital inaugurates new beds in the SOSD Spinal Unit

Marche University Hospital inaugurates new beds in the SOSD Spinal Unit
Marche University Hospital inaugurates new beds in the SOSD Spinal Unit
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Ancona 25/11/2022 – With ministerial funding it was recently completed through the expansion to 8 beds in ordinary hospitalization and 2 in day hospital, the adaptation of the medical, nursing and rehabilitation staff and the acquisition of important innovative technologies

The new beds of the SOSD Spinal Unit were inaugurated on 25 November at the Marche University Hospital.

In the University Hospital of the Marche region, an operating unit of Spinal Unit with unipolar characteristics has been active since 2010, whose project with ministerial funding was recently completed through the expansion to 8 ordinary inpatient beds and 2 day hospital beds, the ‘adaptation of medical, nursing and rehabilitation personnel and the acquisition of important innovative technologies, for the realization of complex advanced assistance and rehabilitation programs.

Marie Antoinette RecchioniHead of the Spinal Unit SOSD of the Marche University Hospital, specifies: “this significant objective achieved allows us to fully implement the Spinal Unit’s mission: to give the person who has suffered a spinal cord injury the opportunity to re-plan a life as autonomous as possible, in their own social environment, in an inclusive way, without discrimination ”.

“In the Spinal Unit all phases of the healing and rehabilitation process are carried out, guaranteed by its multidisciplinary team and by the presence of multiple highly specialized activities – clarifies Dr. Maria Antonietta Recchioni – the incidence of spinal cord injuries is about 25-28 new cases per year per million inhabitants. The most frequent causes are for 67% of traumatic origin (at the top of the list road accidents, accidents at work, sports accidents) and for the remaining 33% of non-traumatic origin. The severity of the injury has a heavy biological, psychic and social impact on the person, resulting in an equally serious disability.

The Unipolar Spinal Unit as defined by the Ministerial Guidelines and as per the European standard, is the structure located inside a second level DEA hospital, totally dedicated to the global care of people who, due to a spinal cord injury , have suffered a paraplegia or tetraplegia.

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The Vice President of the Marche Paratetraplegic Association (APM), Carmen Matteiremember the steps of this important milestone: “ In 1995 it was decided to create the institution of the spinal unit within the hospital which for various reasons could not be established. In 2002 the Paratetraplegic Association of the Marches was established which, with Dr. Maria Antonietta Recchioni, an expert in spinal cord injuries, and her staff created a working table. With the support of the Association, and thanks to programmed funds, the Spinal Unit was born. Following a very long and tiring journey that lasted 30 years, today we are inaugurating beds dedicated to the Spinal Unit”.

The Regional Councilor expresses his satisfaction Anna Menghi: “As an exponent of the ANMIC, I remember the start of the process by APM Marche for the establishment of the Spinal Unit and it is nice to be there today in another role to testify that important results are obtained only with true horizontal subsidiarity”.

Satisfied with the General Manager of the Marche University Hospital – Michael Caporossi : “ We inaugurate the new beds of a Structure that represents an important point for people with spinal cord injury through treatment, rehabilitation and social, family and work reintegration, according to the most advanced models. Patients and in particular the most fragile ones are always at the center of all our actions”.

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