the municipal council is scheduled in Carrara in solemn form

the municipal council is scheduled in Carrara in solemn form
the municipal council is scheduled in Carrara in solemn form
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To celebrate the Festa della Toscana, the Municipal Council was convened in an open ordinary meeting and in a solemn session for Wednesday 30 November, at 10.30, in the council chamber of the Municipality of Carrara.

The anniversary was established in 2001 to commemorate November 30, 1786, when Tuscanyfor the first time in the world, by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo, he adopted a new penal code which decreed the abolition of the death penalty of torture and all corporal punishment. The Festival wishes to celebrate this extraordinary event, affirming its commitment to the promotion of human rights, peace and justice, as a constitutive element of the regional identity.

The celebration is always linked to a current event and the Presidency of the Council of the Tuscany Region has decided to dedicate the 2022 edition to the freedom of expression enshrined in Article 21 of our Constitution which reads “Everyone has the right to express their thoughts in speech, writing and any other means of dissemination”.

To complement the theme indicated by the Region, the President of the Municipal Council Cristiano Bottici wanted to insert a particular dedicated reflection at the disclosure of one’s thoughts through social media: rights, opportunities and risks.

The works of the Council will be opened by the institutional greetings of the President Bottici, of the mayor Serena Arrighi and of the authorities present. Then the intervention of the students of the Carducci secondary school – Istituto Comprensivo Carrara and countries upstream.

To deepen the theme at the center of the reflection, the Deputy Superintendent Daniele Mancini of the Postal Police and the psychologists Gianfranco Bontempi and Raffaella Ragaglini were invited to speak about it.

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It is possible to follow the work of the Council live at the address

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