Winter tourism, that opportunity that Calabria does not take

Winter tourism, that opportunity that Calabria does not take
Winter tourism, that opportunity that Calabria does not take
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Calabria does not need slogans, “but the construction of a healthy system, which knows how to build job opportunities and growth in the long term”. These are the words of the general secretary of Fisascat Cisl Calabria, Fortunato Lo Papa, who asks for an institutional table to allow the region to start the winter season as soon as possible, to exploit the natural resources of this land in order to ensure “permanent tourism”. .

“If little has been done – says Lo Papa – much more can be done. By building, for example, a season accompanied by services capable of meeting a large and varied public and quality employment”.

“Calabria – recalls the secretary – is a treasure trove of marvelous places such as Gambarie, from whose ski slopes you can see the Strait of Messina, the Aeolian Islands and Etna. And then, again, splendid mountain and spa areas, trekking routes, the possibility of practicing different types of sports. The pandemic has led to an exploit of proximity tourism and now that travel has resumed, the opportunities have doubled and the potential job scenarios are multiplying”.

“However, skills are fundamental – underlines Cislino – . Tourism innovation, if not a real new framework, also passes through the professional updating of male and female workers provided by sectoral Bilaterality and by inter-professional funds. We must be aware that it is essential to start from upskilling and reskilling”.

“As Social Partners – adds Lo Papa – we must focus on professional training to improve the employment condition, analyze and operate on the mechanisms of supply and demand and activate an institutional table with the Calabria Region to discuss the opportunities contained in the Pnrr for the tourism sector” .

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