Open Fiber launches the first recruitment days in Liguria

Open Fiber launches the first recruitment days in Liguria
Open Fiber launches the first recruitment days in Liguria
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Open Fiber and the Liguria Region they launch an important one recruitment initiative, to find specialized manpower in the laying of the optical fiber. The recruitment campaign, aimed at creating the Open Fiber FTTH infrastructure, has predicted four dedicated days in four Ligurian provincesorganized with the collaboration of the Employment Centers of Genoa, Imperia, Savona and La Spezia.

The initiative launched by the Liguria Region e Open Fiber Network Solutionsthe consortium created by Open Fiber, Amplia Infrastructures and CIEL registered a significant turnout with approx 200 candidates attending job interviews.

There shortage of skilled manpower it is one of the main challenges for the implementation of the PNRR and involves both the sector of the concerns and the entire sector of large infrastructures. This initiative of recruiting days in collaboration with the regional administrations is therefore supported by Open Fiber Network Solutions to give concrete answer to the problem of the shortage of workforce. Among the most sought after figures there are specialized technicians in the laying of the optical fiber, jointers, testers and civil works operators.

Currently, in Liguria there is an estimated need for new hires equal to approx 50 people among unskilled workers, installers and joiners and these first recruitment activities in Liguria have reported over 35% of eligible profiles to a possible recruitment. Considering also the notices of Italy Plan 1 Gigathe estimated labor requirement is even about 3-4 thousand additional resources.

“To get to the 200 interviews mentioned, the Employment Centers of Liguria made contact with around 3,000 potential candidates (mostly RDC or NASPI earners). Of these, around 600 confirmed their participation in the recruitment events, and over 400 came to hear the Open Fiber proposal”, explained the regional councilor for Labor and Employment Policies Augusto Sartoriwho adds “these concentric filtering allowed only really interested people to be interviewed”.

Similar initiatives have also been launched in other regions Italian like Tuscany and Laziowith the aim of replicating them and extending them to other geographical areas.

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