Nothing is thrown away from bread to beer. Forum Greenaccord – Puglia is on the way

Nothing is thrown away from bread to beer. Forum Greenaccord – Puglia is on the way
Nothing is thrown away from bread to beer. Forum Greenaccord – Puglia is on the way
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In Bari until Sunday 27. Open event and 12 journalist credits

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 25 – Nothing is thrown away from bread to beer; nudge’s gentle push to change our lifestyles and change the world; from orange waste to more sustainable storage systems; agrivoltaics and the prospects for integrating renewables and soil protection. These are just some of the topics being addressed at the XVII Forum of Catholic Information for the Custody of Creation, kicking off in Bari from today at 3 pm and until Sunday 27 November at the “Mons. Magrassi” Auditorium, dedicated this year to role of communities for an inclusive and generative ecological conversion. The extraordinary participation of the actress Antonella Attili is expected at the ‘Sentinel of Creation’ evening. The free event is open to the public and is accredited by the National Order of Journalists as a training course with credits (12 over the two days) and counts on the support, among others, of the Archdiocese of Bari-Bitonto and the Council of the Puglia Region.

“Without supportive communities there will be no cohesive communities”, says Alfonso Cauteruccio, president of Greenaccord Onlus. Three working sessions: the first on renewables and energy communities; the second on circular economy and social responsibility of stakeholders; the third on experiential and sustainable tourism. The first round table, entitled ‘The effective and lasting energy transition that enhances communities’, scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 25 November from 3 pm, with the researchers of Enea, Cnr and Crea. The second day (26 November), entitled ‘The circular economy as a new frontier of social justice’, will be opened at 9 am by the report of one of the most passionate and authoritative “noble fathers” of Italian environmentalism, the teacher and researcher Walter Ganapini. Among the experiences presented was that of Raffaele Nacchiero, founder of AraBat from Foggia, not even twenty years old, who aspires to lengthen the life cycle of storage systems through the reuse of orange waste. Third and last panel of the Forum, entitled ‘From mass to experiential tourism’, starting at 3 pm on Saturday with the speech of the manager of the ‘Tourism, Economics of culture and Territory enhancement’ department of the Puglia Region, Aldo Patruno . (HANDLE).


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