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L’AQUILA – Schools, students and companies sentinels of biodiversity: this is the objective of the environmental education project “Biodiversity4Young” which Enel has launched together with Legambiente on the national territory and which has landed in Abruzzo in recent weeks. An initiative that protects and enhances biodiversity and which aims, through the creation of Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation (Pcto), to introduce these themes within the educational path in the three-year period of high school, making students aware of sustainability and assessment of environmental quality.

The Abruzzo stage featured the “Amedeo d’Aosta” Higher Education Institute, industrial IT of L’Aquila: about 40 young people took part in the training course, organized by Legambiente, consisting of a first theoretical approach and a subsequent application of the tools acquired in citizen science laboratories. During the classroom activities, the students were able to focus, with the support of experts from Legambiente and Enel, on some biodiversity indicators and their meaning.

Biodiversity4Young has also planned a field trip to put into practice the skills acquired at school. An educational visit was held at Lake Campotosto, during which the boys walked the Nature Trail equipped by the Carabinieri Biodiversity Department of L’Aquila and were able to observe the lake habitat and birdlife. During the walk there were numerous stops to describe the animal species present in the area and the importance of the lake for the migration and stopover of water birds. The meeting gave territorial implementation of the provisions of the Protocol signed between the Carabinieri and Enel on the protection of the environment and natural resources, the fight against climate change and the contribution to eco-sustainable development. Enel experts told the story of the lake, focusing attention on its central role in the production of hydroelectric renewable energy as well as its importance for irrigation and drinking water in the downstream areas.

“Enel has long been committed to the issues of social and environmental sustainability and, thanks to the collaboration with Legambiente, it has been possible to develop a very articulated training program, aimed at students, distributed over various Italian regions including Abruzzo – he commented Philip Rodriguez, head of Enel’s Sustainability Italy -. The path on biodiversity, followed with great interest and participation by the students, intends to provide them with the useful elements to propose themselves as active protagonists in the protection and enhancement of the natural and environmental resources of their territories.

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“Biodiversity4Young has been a valuable path for the pupils of the schools that took part in the initiative – he explained Elena Ferrario, training manager of Legambiente – because, thanks to theoretical meetings, debates and discussions with Legambiente experts, the young people explored an important topic such as the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. The winning key to this process is certainly the application of the topics covered in the classroom in the field. The observation and research of animal and plant species in places close to the boys made them better aware of their territories and their potential. It is also in this way that future generations will take better care of the natural heritage to make the most of it”.